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December 2021 Horoscopes: This Is What The Stars Have In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of December is kicking off with clarity as the Neptune retrograde is ending on December 1st.

A total solar eclipse on December 4th will give you the push to plan for an adventure. The sun will glide into Capricorn on December 21st, which falls on the same day as the winter solstice. 

This will be the last out of 3 squares that had defined the astrological events in 2021 and will offer you to break clear from the past.


December will be marked by evolution for Aries. You will be ready to let go of the emotional wounds that were holding you back on December 1st and 19th. 

The 24th of December will offer you a chance to let go of the several emotional weights on your shoulders. It will also be easy to release your friends that are not serving your best interests on December 28th.


Remember the dates, December 4 and 18, as it would encourage you to get intimate. This month promises you magical vibes in your relationship.

Take your own time and do not feel pressure on the 24th of December. You need to surrender to any emotion and think about who you are.


December offers career transitions to you. December 1st will allow you to find your true professional calling. This particular energy will reach its peak on December 28. You can also ask for a raise or a beneficial contract between December 4 and 18. December 19 might make you feel frustrated but do not be too stubborn and agree on terms that will work out for you.


December will help you reflect and take a rest. December 4 is the perfect time for you to be calm and chill out. December 18 is another date where you can care for yourself. December 24 will encourage you to say “no” to people without feeling guilty. Try meditation to heal any anxiety that comes up around this time.


December will shake up your life in several ways and let you step into your true potential. The solar eclipse on December 4 and 18 will push you to align your dreams with a tinge of reality. You will also feel this sentiment on the 21st of December and by the 24th you will be ready to enter your professional life. This month will carry you into a place of power where you can make your own rules.


Sometimes people will tend to take your kindness for weakness. You will realize that such an arrangement is not beneficial for you when Neptune turns direct on the 1st of December. December 4 and the full moon on the 18th will encourage you to fix the cracks in the foundation of your relationships by altering yourself. The tables will turn on the 28th and make you cut off people who are not worthy of your loyalty and tenderness.


December will motivate you to work through your problems by healing your inner self. You will be motivated to push your insecurities aside and feel more confident about your role in the relations.


December 13 will give you the ability to stand up for yourself and talk about your views with passion. The 24th might awaken certain issues that you had pushed away and old resentments will come into being. This is a great time to remember that you’re in control of your own life.


December 1 and 28 will carry feelings that you had been holding back from expressing and the 13th will give you the determination to move forward in your relationship.  The solar eclipse and full moon will give you a window to upgrade your existing commitments.


The month will make you think about all the allegiances in your life, especially on the 13th and 19th of December. You need to tread lightly as everything might blow up on the 24th if you do not proceed with caution. 


December will not help you cement your professional status but it will help you understand the fact that your career will be in flux due to external forces. December 24 will remind you that you need to loosen up. You might not be sure of what’s happening but that does not allow you to be all tensed up. The solar eclipse and full moon will also push this idea that you need to relish the present even though you might face certain downs.


Your life will glow up in many ways, starting on the 1st. You will be able to find direction in your life, which will be catalyzed on 28th December, when you will be given the boost to take certain actions to pursue your dreams. You need to enjoy the spotlight and avoid shying away from acclaim. Hold these sentiments close to your heart during the full moon on the 18th.

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