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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!!! 14-20 August 2017 – Time To Revisit Your Decisions

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It’s the ideal time to revisit your decisions and plans in a systematic way.

Mercury is moving retrograde for the third time this year, making this the ideal time to revisit your decisions and plans in a systematic way, and check all the details to ensure the success being offered by the Saturn/Sun trine. Take time to relax as well – have fun, but be aware that over-indulgence could make you jealous and obsessive, leading to arguments and fights with your guy.

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Mercury retrograde comes into force today, suggesting you examine your finances and resources. Ensure you have everything covered rather than trying to find money for unexpected expenses at the last minute. The Sun in good aspect to Saturn brings patience and steady success – exactly what you need, especially if you put in hard work to achieve your goals. Your guy is supportive in every way.

Mercury, your personal planet, is moving retrograde, offering you the opportunity to re-invent yourself in a purposeful way. If a particular relationship or domestic or work issue is holding you back, now is the time to change your mind and resolve issues. This doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive – just be determined. Socially, avoid spending more than you can afford.

Try not to be sad or depressed over a previous romantic incident or experience – live for the moment, and see the beauty in what’s happening around you. Open your mind to the present and be ready to accept whatever happens next. Let your intuition be your guide. Real love with huge dollops of romance could be closer than you think! Work associates will bring you closer to reaching your career goals.

If you’ve been too focused on your own goals, now is the time to pay more attention to family and friends. Luckily, you have flashes of brilliance as Mercury moves retrograde, so it’ll be easy to take both your career and domestic scene forward quickly and confidently. Love-wise, you could meet up with someone from a different country. Exciting – but will it last?

Mercury moving retrograde is giving you an opportunity to re-focus your energy on long-term goals and ambitions. Make sure you keep everyone on side by being honest and trustworthy. You’re in the public eye, so your personal image is very important. Good communication is key with your guy – plan efficiently so you can make the right decisions over joint finances.

The next three weeks see you more optimistic than usual, and able to see both the wider picture and the small details. Take time to learn new skills, travel and tell everyone about your ideas. Venus is bringing unexpected opportunities for love and career success, although you must avoid jealousy. Be realistic: there are those out there who offer false promises, setting you up to fail.

Concentrate on your finances, investments and debts, and how you can allocate your resources so you aren’t over-extended. You always have brilliant (if eccentric) ideas; these could be the way forward. The end of the week sees positive improvement, and a new friendship or love interest looks exciting – but a steady, faithful guy is what you actually need.

Mercury moving retrograde will give you the space to re-think and clarify your beliefs. In the meantime, do everything you can to keep things running smoothly – you’ll soon overcome all obstacles. A sharing partnership is much better than one in which one person does everything. Overextending yourself socially and being too dramatic could cost you more than just money.

You risk becoming too analytical as Mercury moves retrograde. This could lead to critical remarks that won’t help anyone – especially you! Instead of trying to take your latest project forward, use the next few weeks to iron out problems, organise your mind and ensure you’re on the right path. Venus square Jupiter says you should let romance win, so forget niggling domestic issues for a few days.

Let your creative talents take you on a journey rather than trying to control every aspect. You could be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The same goes for your love life: let your guy take the romantic lead, and see what happens. A property deal or domestic issue could cost more than you budgeted for – just ensure you’re in agreement with your partner or family.

Your personal planet, Mercury, moving retrograde urges you to listen to your intuition and re-think the course your life is taking. Expect an argument with your guy over joint finances. Question your own values and sort out your inner conflict, especially in personal relationships and business partnerships. A new journey is about to begin in earnest, so make sure you’re ready.

Mercury moving retrograde makes you quicker and mentally more agile than usual – but it also means you keep changing your mind, leaving projects unfinished and starting new schemes in a very scattered way. It’s important to keep a close eye on your finances right now, so take the time to sit down and plan everything down to the last cent.

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