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3 Steps To Transform Your Relationship Into A Spiritual Communion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Aren’t we all waiting for ‘The One’. From a young age girls are molded into thinking that there is this dazzling Prince Charming who will magically appear to save the day, and boys are nurtured into believing that they need a damsel in distress to protect and show her they can be the superhero she needs.

We are secretly longing for that magical love to happen and sprinkle us with the magic dust of eternal bliss.

But, is this real?

Is waiting for the universe to send us the perfect stranger worthy of our time?

In my humble opinion, life happens all the time, everywhere. So, open your mind and heart, and meet your destiny halfway. Perfect relationships don’t fall from the sky, they are created with love, understanding, dedication and a lot of work. Both partners have to be committed to taking it to the next level. No, I’m not talking about the wedding vows. A spiritual connection with your partner is what will truly make your relationship a rare gem that will survive the ups and downs of time. It is only then that you can transcend the bond of bodies to the higher plane of the bond of spirit.

If you’re wondering how you can connect with your partner on a spiritual level and deepen your relationship here are a couple of tips you may find helpful:

1. Don’t Fight To Win; Fight For A Solution!

Let’s make one thing clear – disagreements are necessary! They play an essential part in the development and growth of the relationship. What’s important here is how you deal with use the fights.

Psychology states the fact that quarrels are something to be expected and looked forward to in a healthy relationship, because they signal us that there is a problem that needs to be resolved by working constructively to get a solution. Modern media has portrayed fights as insurmountable. They’re actually a great opportunity to understand your partner and grow together.

The real problem here is fear – fear of getting into a fight and, still, not being able to express your feelings. Once you are completely open and honest with your partner, there won’t be a reason to be afraid. Share your feelings, and listen what your partner has to say, and then work it out, together.

2. Spend Time Together – IN SILENCE

I am not going to tell you how important spending quality time with your partner is; you already know that. Going to the movies together, going dancing, sharing a meal, having any sort of fun is a must, but what I am trying to say here is that sharing peace is above it all. Being able to spend time in silence with somebody, and be comfortable along the way is a good sign that that person is able to calm our storms.

You are at a really strong point if you can share nothing but silence. The comfort in silence is a greatest sign of a true bond. Meditate together and share the peace with each other and know that sometimes you don’t have to speak the words for it. The bond goes a lot deeper.

3. Sync Your Energy Fields

Every single thing on this planet has an energy field. Think of it like a spiritual fingerprint. We all have a energy field that is personal and unique to us and the best and deepest connection you can have with another person is to be enmeshed in their spiritual energy and existence. Try lying next to each other and let your subconscious selves merge and flow together.

If anything, it will manifest as a major improvement of your sex life and communication. Making love will transcend the realm of the physical to be a true meeting of the minds. It will turn into a spiritual exercise that both of you will enjoy. It is that point that you begin to comprehend how your relationship has become an intrinsic part of both your lives and your subconscious minds… and there you have it!

That perfect moment of blissful union on every level is what we all dream of; it’s what minstrels have sung about since the early ages, and what Hollywood is trying to portray on the big screen. And you can have it, but you need to put a little effort into it.

May you all find what you have been yearning for. And remember, LOVE is the single greatest force in the entire universe. 

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Ardath August 15, 2017 - 4:13 am

BE the love you want to receive.


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