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All There Is To Know About The Black Moon Solar Eclipse In April

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by Conscious Reminder

The cosmos has made April a month to remember.

It featured some astrological events that will happen only once per lifetime as well as the first retrograde in nearly 3 months.

The excitement is running strong till the month’s end. This is because April 30th’s New Moon is also a solar eclipse.

Additionally, it is also a “Black Moon” – a rare second new moon in one calendar month. Moreover, it is also 2022’s first Eclipse, marking the season of Eclipse’s beginning.

Eclipses are believed to influence unexpected shifts and rapid shifts in our lives and put us on the path of our destiny if we have strayed. However, it might mean our lives are turning upside down.

During the solar eclipse in April, the moon and the sun will align in sensual, dedicated Taurus. As such, the focus will be on material possessions, physical environments, and self-worth.

The upcoming lunation can greatly change what we think of as valuable and want to achieve. It can also usher in new changes with regard to resources and money. Eclipses have a tendency of being periods of chaos. However, the sure-footed energy of Taurus can help in maintaining stability.

The Meaning Of The April 2022 Black Moon

So far, 2022 has seen quite a few new moons that have been falling on the cusp between two months.

However, as rare and interesting as a “Black Moon” is, the lunation’s astrological meaning remains the same. Simply put, it is a bonus chance to get in touch with the energy of the New Moon before we move on to the next month.

The Significance Of A New Moon Being An Eclipse

The April Black Moon also being an Eclipse adds a lot to the lunation’s meaning. Astrology believes Eclipses to be dramatic omens of change. They usually shake and stir our lives in some way and re-direct us towards our destiny.

During solar eclipses, it is extremely likely that new things are going to come up rapidly. You can see opportunities to present themselves without any warning.

The bigger story of this Eclipse is the Taurus-Scorpio zodiac axis. It marks the start of a 6 month-long journey that brings change to everything regarding control, value, and things that give us power. The 2022 April lunation-cum-eclipse is taking place in material-minded and earthy Taurus.

So be attentive to the themes that come up right now. These themes will possibly keep recurring and changing until November’s Taurus lunar eclipse. There may also be some situations or feelings from November 2021 resurfacing.

Other Astrological During This Period

This event’s unpredictability is especially heightened because of it being a combination of a new moon and an eclipse and its alignment with rebellious Uranus. This influence is guaranteeing lots of surprising shake-ups for every zodiac sign. Moreover, they are definitely going to be exciting.

Furthermore, motivational Mars is going to be a helpful influence during this eclipse. It will provide us with the resolve and strength needed to withstand the changes. They might ask us to exit our place of comfort. However, in the end, they will better us.

Also, there will be a three-way conjunction involving Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus during the Full Moon. This will heighten the number of feelings we will be catching during the lunation. It also makes new beginnings regarding creativity and love very likely.

The April 2022 Black Moon energy may be too chaotic for rituals or manifestations. However, be prepared to be presented with tons of chances to begin anew, unexpected opportunities, and sudden revelations.

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