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Expect A Week Full Of Luck: How To Harness The Good Cosmic Vibes?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This will be 2022’s first week when none of the major planets are in retrograde. But, even then, the air has a wild streak in it.

Nevertheless, until April 29th, when Pluto’s annual 5-month-long retrograde starts, this retrograde-free period will be there to enjoy.

So, this 3-month period is going to be the best time for receiving the blessings of the cosmos.

A Ton Of Earth Energy

But be sure of your directions before going full speed on February 8th. Mars, who is in Capricorn, will be syncing with Uranus, who will be in Taurus.

This means some whiplash for all of us. This also means that even if the momentum is really nice right now, it is not a reason to blast off at breakneck speed.

Rather, use this alignment to make workflow systems and processes before you begin investing the cash. Or, perhaps, modernizing the existing ones will be enough since Mars’ nature is trailblazing while Capricorn favors early adoption.

Search for apps that make life easier and try to get home in time to enjoy a dinner with the family, a workout in the evening, and/or some much-needed traditional unwinding.

A Time To Come Clean

On February 11th, Friday, Mercury and Pluto will align, which will be the final conjunction of the two in Capricorn. Expect it to bring transformative insights and intuitive hits as it will ask us to look at our shadows.

If you come across anything unsettling, then see if it stems from your unconscious patterns rather than something external.

Perhaps there was some collusion involved because of fear of losing out or being ostracized? It may have given you a false feeling of security.

It is quite a hard pill to swallow, we admit. However, everything will be revealed on Friday when Mercury passes Pluto for one last time. This will bring up deep truths and place them in conversations.

In a few cases, solutions may be considered “extreme” – this means ending relationships or issuing ultimatums with conviction behind them. In other cases, just being honest about your pain can be enough.

Timing will be crucial. So try and look for peaceful periods on schedules (weekends may be one). Make sure you are not pressed for time when you are having the conversation.

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