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Super Snow Virgo Full Moon Rising February 19th: Put Your Emotions Aside And See Things As They Really Are

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon of February, is also a Supermoon and it will appear on the 19th of this month, on Tuesday. This is going to be the Super Moon number two this year, from a total of three.

It is traditionally named the Snow Moon, but it also called the Super Snow Moon, which this year is going to reflect as a Super Moon.

This Full Moon of February is going to be at its nearest point to the planet Earth, which will make it the brightest and largest Full Moon in 2019.

So, we have to prepare to use the additional planetary energies in order to connect ourselves with our angels and heavenly guides, so they can show us the direction we have to follow during February.

The Full Moon of February has other different names, such as Ice Moon, Cleansing Moon, and Hunger Moon. It is called the Snow Moon as it happens during the season of high amounts of snow.

The qualities of the Moon about instincts and emotions reach their highest point at Full Moons. We have to utilize the detached approach in order to look at our life as we are going to see it balanced and more impartial when we look at it without some emotions.

Viewing the things without any emotions will make us clearly see negative feelings or relationships dynamics causing disharmony. After that, we will be able to make the appropriate choices from our observations.

The upcoming Full Moon is going to bring opportunities for making changes, for success and romance. It will be excellent timing as it comes after the good luck New Moon on the 4th of February and the Chinese New Year.

Our Moon is now at the nearest approach to the planet Earth, and it will stay during the whole month.

A lot of us probably felt that, or have noticed that we pick on some little things without reason, or that we have random thoughts. We have to be aware of the fact that right now, we are influenced by this cosmic weather.

If we feel agitated at the moment, we should release it without blaming others we are later going to feel sadness for. We have to stay in our space at the time of the Full Moon and contemplate the bigger picture of our life.

Moreover, this Full Moon is the representation of spring coming. It is the period of the year when seeds begin to stir to life, somewhere under the harsh and cold ground.

Farmers around the world will begin planting crops meant for their own gardens, while the animals are going to start feeling the young babies in the bellies, preparing for their births. This long and sleepy winter will finally end.

Summoning the angels:

  • We should use this Full Moon’s energies in order to invoke our angels and ask them for help on our path;
  • We should use a silver or white candle in order to represent lunar powers, together with angels’ energy;
  • A large and spherical glow candle would be entirely symbolic;
  • The most popular fragrances for the Full Moon will be Heliotrope and Wisteria, for anointing oil, candle scent or also incense;
  • However, any fragrance that is pleasing has the ability to bring angels near us;
  • One simple prayer used for gratitude and thanks is going to bring untold blessings.
  • We have to ask God, the Creator for some blessings, not only for us but for everyone else.

We have to focus on the fresh beginnings of our dreams and purposes for 2019. We should also work harder in order to realize better where our past mistakes were, love and forgive ourselves, and make some plans for our future. We should ask God to bless us. This will be the time for purification.

We have to make a vision or dream board during the night time when the Full Moon will appear. This Full Moon will be one of the greatest powers. We have to enjoy it!

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