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Mercury Retrograde Is Over But We Are Still Navigating The Shadow Period

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by Conscious Reminder

Well, it may finally be time to breathe a sigh of relief – Mercury retrograde has ended finally! But, unfortunately, there is more to it.

Yes, this year’s Mercury Retrograde has technically come to an end on 22nd July. However, the shadow period of the retrograde is still present over us and will be until 7th July.

Moreover, what is worse is that this shadow period might just be more scrambling than the primary retrograde event. There are multiple reports on this warning us that we are not home-free, just yet. So here is all you need to know about this period.

What Does The Mercury Retrograde Shadow Mean?

In the explanation given by AstroTwins, the ‘shadow’ phase of the Mercury Retrograde begins a couple of weeks before the actual Mercury retrograde.

It also ends some weeks after the actual event. It added an analogy for the ‘shadow’: the fumes left behind by a car or a bus that stays for some time after the vehicle has gone away.

The phase is also known as the ‘stationing’ phase. It refers to the period needed by the direct planet to recover the distance lost while it was retreating due to being in retrograde. In this case, Mercury is the direct planet.

The report calls it sort of similar to retracing one’s steps. They also add that the phase can take weeks, or even months before it ends.

The phases of the moon have this “shadow” as well which are seen. For example, you may feel the semi-chaotic, heightened energy of the full moon in the period after and before it.

How Can You Navigate The Mercury Retrograde Shadow?

Mercury stands for communication, travel, and technology. Even after it starts moving direct after a period of retrograde, you might continue encountering a few issues during this period. The explanation says that it might be too soon to rest on the laurels as soon as a planet becomes direct.

It should be noted that over the upcoming days you may find it difficult to even form decent sentences. This can also include sending emails to wrong people, facing difficulty making decisions, or even keeping promises.

Be that as it may, the best method is going to be taking things at a slow pace. Also, keep abiding by the standard general protocols as with mercury retrograde. This includes proof-reading, making backups, and staying away from travel. And please do not get in touch with your former partner!

The twins call the shadow period “retroshade” as well. They say that this period can be powerful for the integration of lessons learned at the time of the fog of mercury retrograde. So, keep in mind that the wisdom might still be being integrated. So, it is natural to feel unable to rush forward while having a clear vision.

In Conclusion

The final conclusion is that the mercury retrograde has not ended yet. It will not be over until it is completely over, that is until the shadow phase ends. So, you might feel that things are improving when it comes to communication.

But do not get carried away and let your guard down. There is still a big chance that you will continue to feel the effects of the shadow period.

This will last for at least one more week, maybe a bit more. But do not be worried, we are almost at the end.

So just keep being on your toes for a few more days. Being a little more careful will not hurt.

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