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The Benefits Of Activating Your 12 Strand DNA

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know DNA as the set of rules which dictate the workings of the cells in every organism.

Everyone is familiar with the double helix structure of the DNA which is made of two strands. But that’s just the start, there are 10 more strands of DNA which exist, just not in the physical form. They are ethereal and also need to be activated first.

Here are the different benefits of activating your DNA strands:


You might not notice it until you have felt the change, but a dormant ethereal DNA means that we are far away from even touching our true physical potential. The 10 strands which we are missing as of now enhance our health by boosting up our intake and synthesization of nutrients.

This means that we an activated DNA, we will be craving less junk and be more full of energy. Even our immunity increases as all our cells get an extra boost of strength. Our body is better able to take care of itself and fight off any foreign particles, thus preventing illnesses. Other benefits include-

  • Better life expectancy
  • Better metabolism
  • Better eyesight

Mental and Emotional

Those who find it hard to battle with the demons in their head, DNA activation can come as a boon. It helps you have better control over your own self, resulting in maturity and overall feeling of well being. Other benefits include-

  • Better self confidence
  • Lesser anxiety and stress
  • Decrease in irrational impulses
  • Being able to move on from the wounds and hurts from the past
  • Better memory
  • More dream recalling power
  • More compassion towards others


Our spiritual journey benefits from this activation of our DNA strands as well as we become more aware of ourselves and reach the peak of our spiritual self. We become aware of our purpose in this life and know what the mission of our soul is.

We finally move on from being solely physical beings to embracing our spiritual self. We are also able to connect more easily with the divine. The meditative practices which used to take so much effort before are as easy as taking a breath.

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