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Mercury Is Finally Out Of Retrograde And Now It’s Time To Embrace New Ideas

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By Phil Booth

Prepare to move forward with projects you’ve put on hold…

Mercury, known as Hermes in more ancient times, returns to forward motion on Tuesday after its 3-week retrograde cycle (which occurs once every four months). Homer referred to Hermes as the Master of Strategy. So if you’ve had a tough ride over the past few weeks, it’s because Hermes was drawing your attention to faults and imperfections that needed to be fixed.

The Mercury retrograde cycle is a work-in-progress period of time. But now that we’re emerging from it, ideas will start to pop into your head this week either through pure thought or in your sleep. These ideas will help you steer your ship to a sunny port of call. Wednesday’s full moon will amplify all the good that this lunar month is bringing to you, which all began with the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21.

The days surrounding Mercury’s change of direction will bring delays and glitches to travel, transportation, technology and schedules. So, do your best to be ahead of the game. Be ready for the unexpected and embrace it with alacrity. There is the potential for a fortuitous surprise that will kick off a lucky turn of events, and it will flash into your world like a shooting star. Catch it and put it in your pocket.


It’s time for an upturn. What’s gone down is now set to go up. Things can only get better — and it’s going to happen fast! Once you comprehend an essential truth concerning your insecurities and anxieties, you will be released from an emotional prison of sorts. An old source of angst and torment will be put to rest. The stars are beaming an abundance of positive energy in your direction that will bring lightness of heart and the joy of freedom.


This week brings a chance to clear out reserves of guilt that have been buried in deep recesses of your soul. In a matter of days you will begin to see the world through new eyes, as Mercury’s current placement is tuning you into your real needs and desires. Opportunities will appear where once there was nothing. In light of what you’ve been through, your patience and determination have been one of your greatest assets.


Various precarious factors are causing you a great deal of concern and making it difficult to reach an important decision. Two paths are presenting themselves, and objections and arguments concerning them both are causing confusion. Be honest with yourself and be willing to change what you are afraid to. The clarity you need to make your decision will arrive as Mercury prepares to set off on another journey around the far side of the Sun. You will successfully shift something in your world that has been stuck for far too long.


There is nothing wrong with wanting more of what you like. The problem is that what you want is usually in short supply, so you’re always hungry – never sated. Hunger, though, is good. Without it we would become lethargic, languid and indolent. Be thankful for what you do not have. The lack of it is fuelling your desire for improvement in an area of your life that sorely needs it. The more you want it, the faster you’ll get it. A new picture of a world of glowing happiness is being painted for you.


It would be lovely to maintain the status quo in a certain area of your life that is being threatened with change. But as you will soon learn, this change is in your best interest. So, have faith. With your upbeat, persuasive style of conducting business, you have the ability to guide events along the best possible path. A certain far-fetched notion that stretches the imagination will now become a realistic option.


It’s time to pause for a moment, escape the raging storm of life and peer into the misty distance of your future. Listen attentively to the sounds around you and, above all, listen to your breath. You will hear the sound of a bugle call leading the cavalry charge that’s coming to your aid. Powerful celestial sources are rallying to your cause. A positive force is silently guiding you safely through the insecurities you face. Victory impatiently awaits you.


With Venus providing some much-needed support, the picture concerning an important matter is looking hopeful and encouraging. Plans are being made ready to move you forward. You’ll become privy to them as this week unfolds. All the clarity to guide you and the conviction to inspire your cause is at your command. What’s more, your currently enhanced charisma means your wish is at your command. Choose your wishes judiciously.


Troubling events may seem like they are getting the upper hand, but when looking at your situation objectively, quite the opposite is true. Things are going a lot better for you than you realize. Your path, although it may seem to be following a rather convoluted route, is, in reality, fast-tracking you to a highly desirable outcome. There is a strong sense of purpose firing up your cause. And it is that sense of purpose that is the key to attaining victory.


All may not seem ideal in a certain regard for you right now. Your options appear to be limited and your room for manoeuvre is restricted. This is just as well. Life may be a struggle, but this is a condition that will arguably work in your favour by simplifying a crucial decision-making process. The stars are keeping your best interests at heart. This week holds forth intriguing possibilities that you can seize. You will set in motion a process that will bring success.


The strain of a challenging emotional drama has been draining your energy. But as far as the growth in your sagacity is concerned, you are miles ahead of where you were last year at this time. No longer will disappointment haunt your dreams. You will soon happily acknowledge how things have irrevocably changed for the better. Mercury’s backward motion is coming to an end with the full moon. This will give you the impetus to vault over a barrier and break for freedom.


Any nervousness you are experiencing is based on a fundamental flaw in the armour of your self-confidence. The source of your anxiety is lurking deep within your inner world. A moment of enlightenment will expose the mysterious roots of this problem. Mercury is providing you with a guided tour of areas of your psyche you never knew existed. What you are about to learn will make this problem vanish in a twinkling.


You have considerably more control than you realize in a drama that has engulfed you. With a constructive attitude you will achieve miracles. But if you allow doubts and anxieties to tip the scales towards fear, you’ll be asking for trouble. Do keep in mind that your entire outlook is exceptionally good. Success depends on your powers of persuasive communication. It’s your magic wand.

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