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Horoscopes For The Week Of Sept 23rd: How The Autumn Equinox & New Moon Will Affect You

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by Conscious Reminder

This week, the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd will join its power with the New Moon on September 28th.

It’s time to pause and think about life and see which direction you will be taking in the future. The New Moon will give you the power to absorb new changes.

Here’s how it will affect the zodiacs:


There is no point in getting stressed. Instead, try to resolve your problems. Meet them head-on and destroy them calmly. Remember, you need to deal with them to clear up your life.

With the Sun in your partnership zone and the New Moon opposing Chiron Rx, your wounds might come up. But you need to see how your wounds can be balanced with new partnerships.


This period will bring a whole bunch of new ideas. Use them to improve your position in life. Start communicating better.

Yet you need to stay wary of newer routines for they might mess up your life. The position of the Sun and New Moon is important for your life, so, don’t force things. It might seem frustrating period now, but hold on.

Relationships might take a hit, and you need to ask yourself- do you really want this?


You have your priorities straight, which is a good thing. This will help you deal with your goals. The Sun partnering up with the New Moon/Chiron dichotomy would lead to several old wounds coming up. You might get a little self-conscious when you are in public. Jupiter and Venus will attach passion and comfort in your love life.


Things will be stressful. But you need to calm down. Use your wisdom, and resolve your problems. Things can get a bit flighty even in your household, so you have to balance things out somehow. Mix it with your upcoming career plans. On a positive note, your determination will help you move forward like a battering ram.


The only way that you can deal with tough situations is by taking them one at a time. Plan it out. Communication that can get tricky in this period. Voice out your opinions regarding matters of a legal or educational nature. Speak up in your relationship too, when necessary.


It might be a crazy week for you. It can be beneficial or disastrous, so you judge which way it swings. The position of Chiron and the Sun might actually impact your financial and emotional freedom. But if you want to be self-sufficient, you have to deal with such stuff. Communicate with your partner effectively instead of jumping into thoughtless conclusions.


Don’t be angry with your family. Listen to what they have to say. You might also have to change the way you talk and behave with them. Only then people would want to be with you. The position of the planetary bodies might bring communication problems. So, before you jump to any conclusion, talk to them. Your relationship will be at cross-roads- choose whichever way you want to go.


Don’t be too short-tempered. Be careful about things coming your way. There is a surprise waiting for you this week. Don’t ignore your health issues anymore. Uranus will heavily affect your relationship- to a point where you have to decide if you want that relationship anymore.


Let the past be in the past. You need to maintain a fine balance between what you ought to say and what you will say now. Venting might seem relaxing, but will put you in unwanted complications. Uranus might distract you so keep your mind fixed to a path.


Competition is high- don’t let go of things because someone riles you up. The position of the Sun and New Moon will bring about a professional-domestic clash. You might get promotions or new job opportunities. But they might clash with your personal life. Venus will help you understand that things do not go wrong if your passion is lagging.


Don’t get too optimistic. It is fine. Take things slowly. Being all hoity-toity might end things badly. You can be beset with insecurities when you come under new and unforeseen knowledge. Venus will strengthen your relationship.


Compose yourself and then go about your life in a fruitful manner. Otherwise, you would be fraught with troubles and obstacles. You might come under a lot of self-doubts as immense vulnerabilities will trap you. You might also have the possession vs. debt dichotomy. So, in all, things can get pretty rough. Relationships can get quite tense- think and then speak. Don’t force your opinions on another.

This week has its hits and misses. Be careful. Best of luck.

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