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Different Ways To Become An Inspiring Leader

by consciousreminder
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by Jennifer Scott
Contributing author, Conscious Reminder

Whether you’re a sports coach, a manager, a team leader or simply want the ability to take control in situations that require it, owning the skills of becoming an inspirational leader is crucial to everyday life.

Even in situations, for example, where somebody is in an accident in a public place, it’s renowned that many people will stand around doing nothing, usually shocked. However, an inspirational leader will be able to take control of the situations, delegating tasks that could save a life.

If this sounds like the sort of person you want to be, then it’s probably for you. To get you started, here are several ways you can become an inspirational leader.

Work Hard

Being an inspirational leader is all about setting a good example. If you’re in a business environment, by working hard yourself, you’ll naturally be inspiring others to work hard as well. That doesn’t mean that you need to work every hour under the sun either. Be smart with your time, and you’ll still be able to get everything done.

Ooze Enthusiasm

If you plod into the situation where you’re supposed to be a leader, and you’re grumpy, you’re looking at the floor and your head’s not really in the right place, this attitude will reflect onto the people around you. There’s no better way to motivate your team than to be enthusiastic and share the passion you have for whatever it is you’re doing.

Dream Big, Aim High

If your daily target is to get to the end of the day, this is all you’ll be able to achieve. The bigger you dream and the higher you set that goal bar, the more you’ll push yourself, and your team to succeed. In life in general, you’ll only ever be able to go as far as you’re willing to push yourself. With this in mind, push yourself as far as you possibly can.

Addressing the Issues

When a problem comes up in a team, it’s natural for everybody to step back to let someone else deal with it. As an inspirational leader, it’s important that when an issue arises, you deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Problems and challenges are renowned for getting bigger the longer you leave them, they mutate as such. Instead, nip it in the bud, deal with it and move forward. This is something you and every member of your team will appreciate.

Develop Your People Skills

The most important aspect of being a leader is remembering that you’re still part of the team. One of these key skills is listening. Your team members or the people you’re working with will know what’s going on, even more than you in some cases.

This is why it’s vital that you listen to what they say and actually operate as a team, rather than trying to do everything your way.

George C. Vaughn, the team manager at Best Australian Writers, explains his experience;

“One of my old managers was a pit bull. Simply because he was in a position of power, he believed that he knew exactly how to run things and wanted everything finished his way. However, this was a very inefficient way of working and ended up causing more harm than good. On the other hand, when I applied for the position, I declared that I was more of an overseer that would have the ability to deal with issues and motivate people while letting them get on with their jobs that they know how to do best.”

Delegate Effectively

Not everyone is capable of carrying out every single job. Let’s say you’re operating a coffee shop. You may have chefs, front of house staff and cleaners. You wouldn’t set the cleaners up with the cooking jobs, and you wouldn’t lock the confident, people-people in the back. This applies to every kind of team.

As you get to know your team, you’ll learn their skills and their weakness. Take advantage of this by giving people roles that they’ll excel in.

About the Author: Jennifer works as online editor at Top Canadian Writers (http://topcanadianwriters.com/). Also, she is a business developer that works in different areas of education, technology, security and various types of online marketing. Prior to business developing Jennifer was consultant at Deloitte, and managed security services provider and developer of a wide range of security solutions.

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EL September 7, 2017 - 8:16 am

Better… True leaders allow others to soar (they don’t need the credit!)… Figure out what each person in your team does best and loves doing (and what they are willing to explore and learn along the way), put them in those positions, allow for creative inspiration and let them soar! The only time you want to rein them in, is if they get too far off course… Then be open… Hear their reasons for doing so, offer suggestions, or give them room to prove their direction that could turn out better than ever imagined… To be a great leader, is also knowing how and when to follow… No one gets to the top by themselves! Namaste…


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