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People Who Push Us To Grow Are The Ones We Fall For

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Regardless of the fact if we are aware of that or not, every time that we fall in love, even a toxic and painful love, we should know that it happens for a specific reason. Every person that comes in our lives comes with a purpose – to learn something from.

Our lives are full of different lessons, and there are some of them which are quite difficult to easily deal with.

Those that we love may actually help us to grow into someone better, using their kindness in order to do what they want, or they may break us, but still helping us to continue growing, as they will show us exactly the person we are and everything that we don’t need or want in these lives.

All those souls that we actually meet in the world are the souls that have been pre-assigned to every one of us at the Source of everything. Our Universe never makes mistakes.

Our lives do just what they are meant to do, bringing us to someone we were supposed to be brought to.

The hurt and pain we are feeling when we have our hearts broken is the pain which can make us transform ourselves. Such things will bring us to new senses of being, reminding us who we actually are within.

In fact, when we finally find someone that we can love, and that really deserves us, every single thing will be opposite but also identical in various ways. Positive love makes us grow and become stronger; however, it does so in various ways.

Rather than understanding what we should do differently and trying to simply work everything out, we will get to know each other more, and build our lives together.

There aren’t guidebooks which cover how we are supposed to face our romantic relationships, and if they existed, we would not read them anyway for sure.

When a person comes into our lives and makes us present our best selves, we should simply run with all that, permitting it to just take us as it can.

The person will come into our lives when our Universe will know we need him or her. He or she will help us concentrate on something that will come and also provide us with great stability, the one which we were lacking.

Love will not always be about being intimate and having fun, but it is about something more. Love is actually about finding a person we may share every single thing with and spending time with someone who would like to see us reach our goals or a person that will be by our side through every single thing that the world throws our way.

The one-sided kind of love is actually a learning one; however, so are the other types of love. We can never really master this kind of magical experience, although it is something that is worth remembering.

Sometimes, although we will think that we have figured out everything, our Universe will and can throw us a curve ball. In fact, not every single connection we find will be easy.

There are some which are truly going to evolve us from one particular being into the other. There isn’t something wrong with all that, of course.

We have to remember who we are, but we should never forget that, after all, growth is something very positive. We may grow from everything the world brings us to and we should. Even those people who were the nicest ones may become evil or vice versa.

We should ensure that when we fall hard, we are falling for someone right; however, we should not feel afraid to risk being with someone we are not sure about.

When our heart will call out to that person, there is definitely some reasoning standing behind it.

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