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Gemini New Moon Won’t Have A Big Effect On These 4 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

For those people that were feeling quite stuck in their lives and hoping for changes of any kind, then they are probably in luck. The New Moon in June is going to shake the things up for them.

New Moons are always the beginning of new lunar cycles, meaning that they are also the beginning of new things for every person on Earth.

New Moons usually bring about the energies people need and even crave, in order to move ahead with their ambitions and goals, and the one that comes is not going to be an exception.

The New Moon in June will rise in the sign of Gemini, and in that way, the entire social and creative vibes are going to be there – however, of course, this New Moon is going to affect all the signs of the Zodiac in different ways.

The New Moon in Gemini will be an excellent period to focus our attention on changing our ways of thinking and on communication as well.

It will be more about listening to everything that others have to tell us instead of saying something ourselves – listening and communication skills instead of speaking up on our own.

The New Moon will be about taking in some information, and after that making some changes in our own lives from that information.

Each of the signs of the Zodiac will feel the vibes differently, and we can say that it will not be an identical experience for each of them. Some people are going to feel the impacts of the New Moon strongly, but others are only going to feel them in a milder way.

The New Moon is going to bring changes through the Mercurial whispers and is softly going to motivate more of the Sun signs. So, changes are still going to be a great possibility; however, they will be like subtle motivation instead of something which feels quite powerful.

Here are the four Zodiac signs that are going to be the least affected ones by this lunar cycle:


This will be the time for the people born under Aries to focus on their ways of communicating with other people. The Gemini New Moon is going to serve as their reminder to simply watch their words and step back in order to reflect before they speak impulsively. The thing is that when they put their foot in their mouth, they are going to have the ability to cover their tracks, and then reap the rough words they spoke, trying a little bit.


For the people born under Cancer, this will be an excellent time to simply take a small break. It will be the time to simply sit back, and then unwind. They should use the New Moon in order to meditate and reflect by chillaxing at their homes.


Libras will probably do something new at the time of the New Moon. They are probably thinking about taking some road trip outside of their town. The Gemini New Moon is going to encourage them to step out of the box and then start their journey. They should also take some time far away from their daily grind, together with the stresses in their lives.


Some new friends may be right on the ways of Capricorns. New colleagues may also become the quick friends of Capricorns. They simply have to remember to put their boundaries in their relationships.

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