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What You See First Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality!

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What do you see first? How did that determine your personality?

Find out how your interpretation of the world influences your character. Take a look at these pictures to learn something about yourself you didn’t know before.

Psychology tests are often based on interpreting the first thing you see depicted in a picture. PlayBrain offers you such a test.

The first thing you see in these 5 pictures will reveal the whole truth about you!

It’s not to be taken too seriously, but it can reveal something interesting.

#1 What do you see first in the picture?

unnamed-1A Young Girl’s Back

You are:

– Optimistic, Positive

– Energetic, Passionate

– Generous, Loves to help

– Can be impulsive

– Naturally inquisitive

● You are optimistic and beaming with positive energy. You are curious about many things around you, and always passionate to try new and different things!

● You enjoy helping others with your generosity and appreciates how to share happiness through volunteer work.

● You have a tendency to be impetuous, taking actions based on impulsive decisions. If you start planning carefully to reach your goals, you will save a lot of time and efforts that you would think!

● These types of people benefit from openly sharing their dilemma with others and reach solutions rather than keeping it all to themselves. You will develop and grow into a better person with the multiple feedback, advice, and support from people around you

● You are strong and resolute. Regardless of what comes your way, you have the ability to stand strong the keep walking forward. Keep it up! Don’t give up! This shall too pass, and you will earn every great things you deserve.

An Old Man’s Face

You are:

– Honest, Faithful

– Trusted by many people

– Born to be a leader

– Bit of a perfectionist

– Calm and thoughtful

● You are calm, honest, and faithful. Many think of you as a very trustworthy, reliable, and dependable person.

● Once you set a goal, you plan the steps thoroughly and carefully, and slowly achieve them one by one. This gift keeps you away from making impulsive decisions.

● You have innate leadership. You have the ability to collect different opinions, present a clear solution, and take initiative to lead the group through the right path!

● Your meticulous personality binds you to be a bit of a perfectionist. This stresses you out more often that you would think. From time to time, let go of things and loosen up! The sweet freedom will help you relax and heal your mind and body.



Ocean and a rock

You are:

–  Positive

– Generous

– Cheerful

If something goes wrong, you always think about how to solve the problem rather than to think about the cause of the problem. Your positive thinking affects the people around you. You’ve really cheered them up. People feel comfortable around you because you listen to them with an open-mind even they have different thoughts or opinions with you. Everyone likes you! Your positive power makes the world a better place!

A woman’s face from the side

You are:

– Strong

– the best leader

– Overcome any difficulties

You have strong leadership skills. Wherever you go, there are many followers who make you a better leader. You have an ability to socialize and form a strong bond with many people. You have faith in yourself and this will help you to overcome any difficulties with patience. I think these are the reasons why people love you! Many friends of yours will think of you when they have difficult times.

Cloudy Sky

You are:

– Lovable

– Truly love your friends & Family

– Have good relationships with other people

「Friends & Family Are Important」 Connection with self and others is so important to you. Therefore, it is very hard for you to sever ties with a friend. You choose your friends carefully and find their particular strong points and values very important. Many people trust you because they admire that you treat everyone with respect, even if you do not agree with them. It should come as no surprise that everyone likes you!




You are:

– Love life

– Love challenges and adventure

– Energetic

You are a “free spirit” The expression, “live today like there is no tomorrow,” sums you right up! You love life, challenges, and adventure. You are overflowing with positive energy and fun! You are very spontaneous and active, but you don’t invest any time into things that you aren’t interested in. You hate people who interfere with everything that you do. You hate rules and procedures that are placed upon you. You will be at your best when you’re front and center, able to showcase your talents with immediate results. It’s also important that you’re enjoying your time with the people around you.


You are:

– Optimistic

– Laidback

– View the world with a great sense of curiosity

You are a “curious artist”. You are optimistic and laid back, and you view the world with a great sense of curiosity. You love experimenting with your perspectives and the ways you observe your external world. This gives you artistic inspiration and you’re able to build your own abstract world. You have great intellect and very sharp eyes, able to look into the people around you. You don’t like people who are two-faced and who try too hard to present themselves in a fake way. This is because you’re able to read their true and real intentions. You will achieve great success if you do something that requires delicate yet accurate vision. You will also be very good creating the next trends and global phenomena.


You are:

– Calm

– Warm person

– have compassion and sympathy

You are a “warm thinker”. You are a calm and warm person with great compassion and sympathy for others. You are always generous to those around you and always consider the other’s position. You are most happy when you’re able to help people. You like to work independently, but you also want to share your happiness and generosity with others. You hate bullies who pick on those who are weaker. You don’t think there’s a place for bullying in this world. You will be successful if you work for the public good or any direction with people. You will be able to make the world a warmer and more generous place.



A Girl

You are:

– Charming

– Mysterious

– Creative

A creative person with special charm! You are a charming and mysterious person with many people near you. Many people feel curiosity since you have a weird charm, and you know this so you bring out your best out of it. There are many people who envy you since you always get all the attention. You are also a real player when it comes to love so you don’t show your partner everything but open up yourself bit by bit. You have a mysterious charm in you!

A Skull

You are:

– A soft person

– Embrace all opinions and ideas

– have great understanding skills

A soft person with tolerance! With great understanding and sympathizing skills, you embrace all opinions and ideas. You have an ability to judge everything fairly and rationally without a biased view. Also, you are very good at adapting to any situations since you are a fast learner. You are a smart person who always makes the right decision. Since you are a generous person, many people respect you and follow you.. You are a charming person with amazing intellect and social skills!

Sight Outside

You are:

– Passionate

– Considerate

– have a great sense of humor

A passionate and active person! With great humor and consideration, you are a passionate and humorous person. There are always many people near you and be the mood maker anywhere you go. You make an action to whatever you thought of right away, and there many people who believe in you and follow you. You are a responsible and trustful person!



Did it seem that the cat was climbing the steps?

Not only are you a positively wonderful person to be around, you also have a great energy about you too! Because of your incredibly social spirit, you get a long with people well and are able to help people with the problems they have in life with realistic solutions that they can follow through with. Personally, you enjoy being creative, but know there are a time and a place for fun – when you are faced with an issue, you can put your happy-go-lucky personality on hold and work on the problem at hand to get it done! You are able to separate your work life and home life which is something many people wish they can do – you’re so lucky that you can control your inner peace so effortlessly!

Did it look like the cat was descending the steps?

You’re realistic!

You have an incredibly charismatic personality, and people admire you for your rational thinking. You take pride that your life is incredibly organized, and you would rather have everything scheduled than just going with the flow. In life, you understand what’s realistic, and you expect others to work together as a team to get the best result. You are very logical, which is why people always want you to be on their team. You decide quickly what you deem is the best for you and your friends and have great confidence in your choices you make. When it comes to obstacles, you face them head on without hesitation – after all, you are surrounded by the greatest team there is – YOURS!

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