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Make Your 2020 Resolution Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

We all make new year resolutions every year only to miserably fail in following them post the first week!

This year, try to find the best resolution for yourself based on your zodiac sign. Maybe that will motivate you to finally stick to that resolution? You can always add more to make your life a happy and positive one.


For 2020, make the resolution to step back when needed. Not just the leader of the zodiac signs, you love to and are adept at leading people in life as well. You are well-known for your leadership qualities but this new year, try to let others do the job. Maybe you will learn something new when you switch positions!


The stubborn bull inside is often appreciated for knowing what it wants. But some times, it is better to find common ground than let go of important people over minor arguments. This new year, focus on compromising, but only for the right ones. Accept that people can have their own views. Learn and grow with others in 2020.


Seek stability with your new year resolution this year. You get easily bored but can adapt to your changing situations easily. This ends up causing you a lot of stress. So, go for a walk with some music or maybe journal your mood swings. Try to create a sense of stability around you.


You are another of the signs who feels every emotion rather intensely. And you tend to categorize your emotions as either positive or negative. But you must understand that being sad is not the same as being negative. It is not a negative emotion either. Accept your emotions as they are and express them openly. No one will scold you for being sad!


Your new year resolution should be to accept that it is okay when not everyone likes you. Your charm tends to draw people towards you and you are forever the performer. But a part of entertainment is that there will be some naysayers, no matter how good it was. Don’t let the negative vibes around you get to you. Have faith in yourself, even when no one is clapping.


You love to perfect every single detail and won’t leave a job until it is finished. But not everyone operates at your level. You set extremely high standards not only for the ones near you but also for your own self. This new year make sure you give yourself as well as others the room to impress. Stay true to your standards but keep your expectations realistic.


Your new year resolution for 2020 should be to find your personal zen. You are someone who seeks balance but sadly the world won’t offer you that always. So, focus on finding your own happiness. You can have a getaway movie or book, or decorate your room so that it becomes your zen den. Seek peace within.


You love to make detailed plans to reach positions of power. Your intensity drives you towards power but it also makes you inflexible. This new year, try to be more flexible and adapt to changing situations. Life will not always go according to your plans. So try to keep yourself open to new things in 2020.


Practice patience. That should be your only new year resolution. You are a restless and spontaneous being but that often leaves you frustrated and stressed if your plans don’t take off immediately. Train yourself to think before you leap into every single one of your ideas! Success awaits you but you must be patient.


Stop your work, look around, and be grateful for what you have. Gratitude should be your resolution this new year. One easy thing you can try is making a list of 10 things you are grateful for that happened in 2019. Think of the best things that happened and set the best intentions for the new year.


You are the one name found on everyone’s party list. You make the most of your social life and there is nothing wrong with that. But your new year resolution for 2020 should be to spend more time with your own self. It is easy to hide behind a façade in a group of people. Try to explore your true self as you dedicate time not to others but to yourself.


You love to live in your dream world. You have creative ways to escape mundane reality and your imagination is something everyone is envious of. This new year, try to find a new channel for expressing yourself. In all probabilities, you already have a creative channel but try something new. Maybe illustration or nail design?

Let’s welcome the new year with some positive resolutions and high hopes of sticking to them. Spread the positivity around!

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