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Meeting A Soulmate After Going Through A Twin Flame Separation: How To Overcome Rejection

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by Conscious Reminder

Being separated from your twin flame can feel like you are being torn apart. Trying to move forward after such a loss is a painfully challenging process.

Many will just lose all hope of ever finding such a relationships again because they are not strong enough to deal with it. But there are times when we find our twin flames when we’re not meant to be with them.

When one of the twins hasn’t reached the right age of spiritual maturity to fit with the other, the two become estranged. Both of them feel the emptiness left behind by the other.

It’s important to remember that everything happens for a purpose.

Meeting soulmate after twin flame

The twin flame will motivate you to grow spiritually, even though it is a hard struggle for both of you. Just open up your eyes and see that all that you go through only makes you stronger. This opens your heart to all the beauty of the universe.

You spend a lot of time avoiding love because of your insecurity and low self-esteem which is diminishing your power to care for others. Remember that a relationship with twin flame is supposed to be difficult.

It breaks you apart and puts you back together piece by piece. You will be cleansed of all the baggage you’ve been lugging around. Pain will be your greatest teacher.

Twin flame departure

When a twin leaves, don’t think that they’ve taken everything with them. You will meet them again when you are more deserving of their company. Meeting your soul-mate will teach you essential lessons.

They can only teach you if you are willing to open your heart to the love that they wish to give you and use the energy to connect with the universe. Spend some time in meditation if you have lost your twin.

Let yourself grieve but also take stock of all that you have learned. Increase your frequency and grow into the person your twin needs you to be.

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