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What It Means To “Listen To Your Heart”

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Oh! The number of times someone has told me to follow my heart…

It is the greatest advice there is. But then there is a problem while we try to follow this advice. The problem is that sometimes we may not what it means to follow our heart and sometimes we may not know how to go out there and follow our heart.

Issues, right?

So, here we are trying to help you understand how you can listen to your heart and why you should it more often:

1. Your intuitive voice speaks through the heart:

Yes, our heart is the seat of our intuition. When the heart says that something that we are doing is wrong, it is usually wrong. There might not be any rationale attached to the event but that is the truth. The heart knows it all!

2. The Heart knows the language of love:

The heart knows how to love and how to show love. The heart understands what it means to love and to be loved. The heart knows perhaps only one language and that is of love.

3. The Heart knows empathy:

The heart even understands what others are feeling or experiencing. This happens because the heart knows what others around you are feeling. The heart knows limitless empathy and has deep concern for the people around you.

4. The Heart receives love:

The heart not only gives love but it also receives love. Think about it like this, just as the heart is working endlessly and receiving blood and purifying it, in the same way, the heart is receiving love and making the world a better place to live in.

5. The Heart tells us about our emotions:

The heart will never lie to you about how you are feeling. The heart will always honestly tell you about your emotions and feelings. You can trust your heart. Maybe you cannot trust your mind. Because sometimes your mind plays games with you but trust your heart.

So, have you been listening to your heart?

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