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12 Warning Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

Emotional abuse is based on a very thin line and it can occur in many different forms that sometimes it becomes difficult even for the victim to know what they are going through.

At some point or the other, most of us go through the experience of emotional abuse, obviously, at different levels of intensity. It is a very common phenomenon but still only a handful of people talk about it.

Emotional Abuse can be said to have happened when someone attempts to manipulate your emotions against you. Emotional abuse is even more common in a relationship where all your defences are down and the other person knows all about you and your weaknesses.

Here are 12 ‘Red Flags’ of emotional abuse in a relationship-

1. You are always being put down

The abuser can not see you growing or feeling confident about yourself. He/she will bring that stuff up that they are aware about to show that they know better. Remember that reality check and putting someone down are two completely different things.

2. Your opinion does not matter to them.

They can not see you achieving new heights and will try to wear you down. The last thing that matters to them about you is your opinion. They try to distract you away from your goals.

3. You are blamed for things that are out of your control

All the bad things in your and their life will be blamed on you even when you have no control over the conditions at all.  They will try to label even their own faults on you.

4. Over sarcasm is used to make you feel bad.

They make fun of each and every single step of yours under the hide of sarcasm. They continue to poke you with sarcasm until they get under your skin.

5. Your boundaries are not respected and they continuously disrespect you.

They do not do anything that you ask them to do and your boundaries are constantly walked over by them.

6. You are labelled as ‘too sensitive’ by them.

Whenever you are upset at something you are labelled as being too sensitive and are charged for hyping up the issue too much. Your pain and emotions do not matter at all to the other person.

7. They always force the last word.

No matter what you are discussing or arguing, they will force their words as conclusion. Their rant goes on continuously until you cannot take it anymore.

8. Affection is their choice of weapon.

‘No Sex’ is often used by them as a means to punish you for something that you are not even responsible for. They bend your feelings and will ask for a forced confession. Manipulation is their game.

9. They try to control you

They will try to define every aspect of your life; from what you wear to how you spend your money. You must resist this controlling tendency to have the power to fight against the abuse.

10. You are compared to others

They compare you with their exes and other people that they know about. It is a way to destroy your self-esteem.

11. You are isolated

They will prevent you from meeting and making new friends. Its easier for them to manipulate you when you are isolated from your support system.

12. They hurt you mercilessly.

They make you cry and don’t give a shit about it. They will never support you in bad times.

If you are also in an abusive relationship, then you must take steps to get out of that hell.

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