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What’s The Best Stone For Me According To My Birth Month?

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by Conscious Reminder

Although in numerology Zodiac signs have their personal stones, the months also have their specific energy.

It would not be the same if you were born on the 11th of January or 11th of April, although the number 11 is actually the same. There will be a change in the month’s energy.

Here, we will present you which stone corresponds to your personality according to the month you were born in:

January – Garnet

The garnet is the stone native to Persians. It is colored deep red, and it inspires energy and passion. It is also connected with eternal friendship and trust. The stone is a symbol of youth and health because it purifies the blood. Moreover, it symbolizes fertility too and protects people from evil energies.

February – Amethyst

This is an amazing stone which promotes mental power or moreover, memory. It is a unique stone for those born in this month, as they are spiritual and sensitive people. The amethyst is the source of energies. Moreover, it helps in maintaining inner peace and calm. And, it helps in beating insomnia by simply placing it under the pillow.

March – Aquamarine

This stone was a quite well-known one among sailors as it protected the sailors while they were traveling across the ocean. In addition, it can be used as a talisman when people plan to start a journey, as it raises vibration and energy and also improves the spirit’s vital state. As people who are born in March are often sensitive and super energetic, aquamarine will protect their sensitivity or balance their internal energy.

April – Diamond

This is definitely the best and most popular stone among engagement rings as it is said to be the one of love. The diamond helps us in strengthening the energies of some other stones every time they contact with each other. The diamond is going to help us in directing the heart right where it belongs. When in a relationship, the diamond is going to reinforce the emotions existing between us.

May – Emerald

The people born under this month’s energy are earthly people, having the power of generating links and uniting us with our universal love. This is why those people possess this stone. You have the purpose to unify and make people aware that they are all the same just like it is quite significant to be in touch with love and its concepts of eternal union. The emerald has healing properties and promotes good fortune and luck.

June – Moonstone

Just like the name says, the stone related to our moon is connected with feminine and lunar energy. The pearl is another stone which may also be associated with people born in June. Both the stones represent this month’s energies, as they are sensitive, and sometimes innocent, or usually, perceptive. The moonstone encourages intuition, and it is helpful for the reproductive organ of females because it regulates our menstruation or helps us promote fertility.

July – Ruby

This is a striking and showy stone, just like the people born in July, who adore showing their shine and talents. It also gives them the powers of recognition and success. It protects from bad energies, particularly envy. Because of this, performers used it a lot.

August – Peridot

This is a special stone for those that possess the ‘gift of the word.’ People who are born in this month have higher discursive abilities and skills. The peridot was quite appreciated because of the healing powers it possesses and the protection from bad vibes.

September – Sapphire

People born in September are often very detailed, earthly, ordered or responsible and even intelligent people. However, they are also closed, so their emotional sides are simply shown to the ones that have the patience or earn that trust. This stone is the one of wisdom, usually connected with sincerity and fidelity.

October – Opal

This is an esoteric stone which is often recognized as the one for people who are born in this month. Those people are often interested in astrology, esotericism, tarot, alchemy, philosophy and so on. It is able to remove or transmute negativity.

November – Citrine

Those people who are born in this month are connected with wealth or pursuit of good luck and success. They also radiate positive energies, often getting along with various personalities that make them often popular among different groups. This citrine stone is related to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. It provides people with great energies.

December – Turquoise

This is a stone which serves for bringing joy, inside well-being, and also creativity. The stone has the abilities to transform as it is able to transmute negative energies into some positive vibrations. It helps people raise their vibration, and as a result of that, it opens their hearts to positive emotions and new experiences.

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