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Spiritual Connection Between Two People

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There are many different types of spiritual connection between two people, so how do you know when you have a spiritual connection with them, does it mean you are on the same spiritual path or is it something subtle?

Let’s find out shall we, Here is a simple explanation when you can tell if you have a spiritual connection with them.

  • The first one is that you are very much attracted to them and you have no idea why.
  • You had random thoughts of them even when they were never part of your initial mindset
  • Your mood changes throughout the day, one moment you are happy and care free, then the next you are sad. Your mood changes because you have a connection to them.
  • You feel at home with them, the feeling is mutual and known them for awhile, even though you have just met recently.
  • Sometimes you get a feeling that is indescribable when you both meet up in person; you can’t tell if it’s right or wrong.

Okay, these are just the initial signs of a spiritual and psychic connection. However, there is more to it than that. According to experts your connection with them has four layers, they are as follows;


The first is the physical connection, which defines attraction, genetic quality and the need to procreate.


The second is an emotional connection which describes being in love, caring, feelings and seduction.


The third is the psychological connection which defines personality, valuing attributes, intelligence and social status.


The fourth is the spiritual connection which we explain in this article.

These connections are like layers of an onion. You could have an emotional connection with someone that may include physical connection as well, but another inner layer is not present. You might admire someone’s value and personality but not be in love with them.

You can be in love with someone who has the wrong social status. These layers apply to non-romantic connections as well. To be spiritually connected, there needs to be a link at the fourth layer. The spiritual layer, unfortunately not many are in tune with this layer.

To know this layer even exists requires great spiritual work and discipline. Cosmically and spiritually this layer is ever present; some feel the full force of it through kundalini awakening or spiritual awakening. You could meet someone who awakens this spirit layer or makes it known to you.

You will sense it because they have a natural about them, they are easy to talk to. You feel comfortable around them. When two spirits join, it’s beautiful, to connect in the same spiritual path and life together.

Of course, those others layers can be present too; you can be attracted to them and connect with them on an emotional level.

Relationships last when we connect spiritually, there are times we search for our soulmate as if someone is out there just made for us and we have to find them, the better step would be to go out there and spiritually connect with someone and create your perfect soulmate.


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