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I Love Spending Time Alone And No, I’m Not A ‘Weirdo’

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Do you like being alone?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry- you aren’t weird. Not at all!

There are so many people amongst us who rely on other people for their happiness but then there are introverts. Introverts are different because they NEED their time alone. But it is perfectly normal to feel so.

Here are a few things that make being alone a lot better than being in bad company:

1. You don’t have to entertain others:

If you like being alone because you don’t feel any pressure to entertain someone. Your time and energy will be your own and you don’t have to spend them to make someone happy. Also, you are not supposed to please people all the time. The only person you have to be happy with is your own self.

2. The sense of freedom:

Oh! You feel very free when you are alone. There is no burden to show up or to behave in a certain way or be scared that you are being judged, anything. You can feel absolutely alone and be absolutely free.

3. You can dedicate your time to yourself:

Yes, when you are alone, all your time is yours and you can spend it on yourself and invest most of it in improving yourself. You can go back those books you left to lie on the shelf quite some time ago or you can also (haha) sleep more!

4. You are the source of your own happiness:

Isn’t it the best feeling when you are the source of your own happiness. This means that you don’t wait for someone else to make you happy and your happiness does not get affected by anyone else. This actually gives a positive not to your temporary isolation. Moreover, no one can take this happiness away from you because such happiness is absolute.

5. You become very independent:

When you know that all you have is yourself, you become independent in every facet of your life. You learn to do everything yourself and that is super amazing.

This tells you one thing – learn to be happy alone. Trust me, I have been down that road. I was afraid to be alone,  but in time i have learned to love the time I spend by myself. There is so much that I have learned just by being alone. Try it! It, most definitely, works.

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