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How To Recognize An Intense Person

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by Conscious Reminder

An intense person is someone who always goes against the grain and always stands by what they believe in.

Sometimes they are also called headstrong and stubborn but you cannot really get very far in life if you are not stubborn about how you want things to be. Being a pushover never did anyone any good.

There is much to learn from these people so when you meet someone that strikes you as an intense person, hold on to them, and to identify someone as an intense person, look out for the following signs.


They do not like to waste time beating about the bush or being unnecessarily theatrical, if you talk to them they will talk to you about things that actually matter and most of the time they will approach you on their own.


They are not frivolous people and do not ever just “say” things. If they ever present an opinion, know that it is a well thought out one and do not dismiss anything they say.


They do not jump headfirst into anything until and unless they have a plan in their mind. They like to think of everything that might come out of a situation and work accordingly.

They care

They cannot turn a blind eye to the problems of the world or the people around them. They are always ready to help and will always be there for the people they truly care about.

Eye contact

When they engage in conversation, they engage for real and this means that they always maintain eye contact. They are not just hearing you, they are listening to you.


If they want something, they will get it. No ifs or buts.


Their compassion is not limited to just human beings. Their heart beats for every living thing on this planet.

For them, writing>talking

Writing is just more efficient. It is easier to collect your thoughts when you are writing because there are lesser chances of missing out important stuff.

They also prefer texting over calling

This way, nothing they want to say is omitted. They get to present whatever they want to say clearly and completely.


They are always 100% into what they are doing. They are never distracted or deterred by what is going on around them and always do what they have to do, never stopping until their work is complete.

Nothing is taboo

They do not believe in closing their mind off to some issues just because they are considered taboo by the society. They are always willing to talk about anything and everything.

They have concrete ideas and opinions

They stick to what they believe in until and unless provided with an argument that is rich in logic and reason.


Be rest assured that they will never fake anything. Everything that they say will come from a genuine place. As mentioned above, they are not frivolous.

They brood

Even though they are very good at communicating, they might not always understand their emotions well enough to talk about them so they end up brooding. They also hate being vulnerable so they try to hold back anything that causes them any discomfort.

A little clingy

They do not let go until they have made their point clear and have communicated what they have to.

They love their best friends

Always stick out for them and remind them that they are loved, too.

Not very into social media

They just do not think it is worth it and their intensity often makes them a lot to take on social media.


Subtle gestures of love are all they are about.

They are nerds

Comic books, movies, novels, the whole shebang. They also happen to relate to the characters they read about.

Cannot do small talk

Well, it would not be an overstatement to say that they need good conversation to survive.

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