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Use These Crystals To Increase Your Productivity At Work

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to feel fulfilled and content, it will also be significant to have a peaceful work environment, as it is actually the place you are spending most of your time at.

But, what can you do in order to keep your work environment in the best order and clean, both psychologically and physically? Well, bringing balance to your productivity and work life will be quite easy if you add some crystals to space where you work.

Although the number of helpful crystals which increase productivity is enormous, there are some of them which target the seven energy centers of the body or better known as chakras. When you balance your energy centers, you create harmony for them too.

These are the seven crystals for each chakra which will provide your workplace with productivity and clarity:

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is the best stone when it comes to cyber smog cleansing. You can keep it near the computer or phone, in order to effectively remove electromagnetic waves.

The crystal is particularly known as it transforms negative energy to a positive one, making it very useful in your workplace, as it makes you feel mental clarity and empowerment.


This stone is said to be one of success. Moreover, it helps in finding true life purpose. It particularly opens your sacral chakra, which is the second chakra, said to be the place of imagination and creativity, permitting you to show your dreams in reality.

It also helps in attracting more success and joy to help you to find your way and be successful in that way.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye stone will help you when it comes to keeping things focused and flowing. It is quite effective in eliminating scattered brain, and it permits you to make some confident decisions.

Actually, this stone works from your Solar Plexus power center or the third chakra, which is the place of confidence and self-esteem.

Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine stone helps businesses you are in, as every one of us needs money in order to live.

It opens your heart chakra, which is the fourth one, in that receiving prosperity and luck. It will also neutralize anxiety and stress from work, making you feel calm.


This is a beautiful stone, which has aqua-green color, and which is excellent when it comes to eliminating cyber smog, or better said electromagnetic fields. The stone has some other positive benefits and effects when used in your work environment.

Its nature and color stimulate your throat chakra, which is the fifth one, leading to effective integrity and communication with your co-workers. 

Amethyst Cluster

As it is colored purple, the Amethyst actually resonates with your Third Eye, which is the sixth chakra, and in that way, it works on the higher vibrational plane.

This is going to permit you to see the things objectively, in order not to get overloaded with emotions. When it is in the form of cluster, it represents a sense of community, or can also bring harmony and balance to those that work with teams.


This stone is related to your crown chakra, and you must have it in your workplace because it is the master at cleansing. This is a crystal which clears bad energies which circulate around the body or your office, and it will help you in eliminating stress.

Selenite is working as the stone for guidance, permitting you always to make the choices that are right, by simply listening to spirit guides and intuition. It is helpful particularly for those that get easily annoyed and are also sensitive to energies from the outside. 

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