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How Angels Help Us When We Lose Loved Ones

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by Jenny Smedley

Angels Don’t Like To See Us Hurt And Upset

Although angels don’t really understand our grief when we lose a loved one, because there is no difference between ‘down’ here or ‘up’ there to them, in either state the person still exists unquestionably, so they don’t consider the soul as ‘lost’. To them it’s just like the person stepped into another room and is still as accessible as they always were. But of course angels deal in the energetic body, not the physical one. They don’t really understand why we would miss a hug from someone. They do, however, understand that we are sad and upset, and they don’t like to see that.

They will help us connect to the departed one in ways to either soothe the sense of communication or the sense of energy. In fact it’s quite difficult for passed-over souls to reconnect with loved ones on their own. If it were easy, spirits would be appearing all over the place and possibly even making speeches! So, when a loved one wants to reach through to the ones that feel they have been left behind, they often need the help of an angel to ‘tune themselves’ back in to the Earth plane. Even to bring through a message in the form of, for instance, a butterfly, or in ‘coincidental’ events using numbers or song lyrics, they will need angelic help.

If you read the stories below and feel sad that your loved one hasn’t managed to get through yet, please don’t. Just remember it is very hard for them to do, and if your own energy is in too much of a state of grief, it can be like trying to tune in the radio as it used to be when a very noisy motorbike was in the vicinity.

Turbulent emotions, like grief, can interfere with the signal and cause ‘static’. So, in time and with patient faith, I’m sure you will get the contact you’ve longed for.

On their own, without the urging of a passed-over spirit, angels will comfort us when we’re in pain of any sort, and the pain of losing someone we love is the most painful feeling of all. So, although at the time many might dismiss it, a huge number of people, when pressed, will say they did feel a gentle touch as their loved one passed.

It might surprise you as you read these stories that spirits often revisit people they weren’t related to or in love with, as well as those they were closest to in life. In some cases this might be because the closest people were too grief-stricken to accept the gift of their visit. Perhaps their energy was too turbulent and dark for the angel to bring them through to the ‘right’ person. If this was the case with you, and you feel you missed out on the actual connection with someone you loved, don’t feel bad, because their message and their visit were still for you. They just needed a third party as a ‘transformer’ to push the energy through.

The full version of the chapter of my book The Big Book of Angel Stories containing the stories below also has as many – if not more – stories about the loss of a pet than a person, it makes sense to me because losing an animal that we’ve lived with daily for many years can be as bad, or even worse, than losing a person. This is because animals often help us through a crisis where a person never could, and they ask nothing from us in return, except love. They love us even if we have no one else. So sometimes, as in many of the stories that follow, animals come back in spirit form to help us because angels ask them to, and sometimes angels themselves help us when we lose an animal, in the same ways they do when we lose a person.

*** Gail’s Story ***

An uncle, whom I thought the world of, passed away really unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving us all in shock. A difficult situation meant I couldn’t attend his funeral and not being able to say goodbye made me feel so sad, but I knew I could do so in my own way. On the day of the funeral I put up a photo of my uncle in the lounge next to the stereo and I said, ‘I’m going to play you an Elvis song, as I know how much you like his music.’ I got the CD out of the cupboard and sat on the floor, took the disc out of the case and placed the case on the floor while I put the disc into the stereo. As I reached down to pick up the case to choose a song to play, I saw that a beautiful white feather lay on top of it. It hadn’t been there before. I instantly burst into tears and felt a huge surge of comfort envelop me. I truly feel an angel helped me that day.

*** Eizabeth’s Story ***

My dear late mother had cancer for over ten years. She was my best friend and a real inspiration because she bore her illness with such acceptance and fortitude. When she passed away, although I was overjoyed she was free from suffering, I was also very sad because she had always been there for us and to be truthful was a light in the family. A day or so after she passed over, I went to bed as usual. I’d not been sleeping too well, but that night I seemed to be overcome with weariness and I fell into a deep slumber. The strange thing was I was also awake because I felt enclosed by what I can only describe as warm, enfolding wings. I felt peace and love such as I’d never felt before and I knew it was an angel nursing me.

The next morning when I awoke I felt better than I had for ages and I knew that it was my angel who had brought me comfort, as well as the will to look after my father, who was also grieving. Although he had not acknowledged such experiences before, Dad believed my account and said it was an angel sent by my mother to help us.

*** Graham’s Story ***

I had a bad back so one evening a spiritual healer came to my house to work on it for me. We were in the dining room and I was sitting at the table with the chair round the wrong way and my head resting on my hands on the back of it. With me being so relaxed and the healer tuning in the way he was, some amazing energy was building up and I think that must have allowed my angel to come through with a very special gift for me, because suddenly the room was empty, the table and chairs and the healer all gone and I was standing up.

Then the French windows opened and my mother, who had passed away previously, walked in. She came across the room towards me, held out her arms and embraced me and then her eyes met mine as if to say, ‘Everything is all right.’

It was so real and vivid. We hugged and then, as quickly as she had come, she was gone and the room was back to normal, with my friend totally unaware of what had happened. It was such a wonderful experience and I will never forget it.

About the Author: An expert on past lives and pets, Jenny Smedley is also a renowned spiritual healer, advisor and therapist, appearing in many magazines and TV programmes including GMTV and in Chat’s popular past-life column, Dear Madeleine. She lives with her reincarnated dog, KC.

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