Lunar Nodes Shifting To Taurus And Scorpio: What Does It Mean?

by Conscious Reminder

The Nodes of the Moon (aka the Lunar Nodes) are mathematical points that lie between the Moon and the Sun.

They always lie on an axis so we have a South Node and a North Node. The North Lunar Node symbolizes our fate and everything we are striving for. The South Lunar Node stands for the past and the foundation upon which our present and future stand.

On Jan 19th, the North and South Lunar Nodes will shift and enter Taurus and Scorpio respectively. There they will reside for about 18 months. A shift of the lunar nodes hints at a new karmic lesson for the collective to unfold. Additionally, the Eclipses are linked with the Lunar Nodes.

The Northern Node Entering Taurus

This position of the North Lunar Node represents the energy that we are trying to bring into our lives. The Taurus Bull is grounded and steady. It is happy staying inside the paddock and enriching the soil. The Taurus Bull is confident, steady, and does not have anything to prove.

With the North Lunar Node entering Taurus, we will be pushed to cultivate these grounded and steady qualities. The Bull does not hunt for change. Rather, it focuses on making the most out of everything that it has at hand. In fact, the Bull prefers predictability.

As such, we will be asked to make our lives more stable and structured. We will be asked to take more methodical approaches and, of course, make the best use of everything before us.

Collectively, this movement of the North Node suggests that the time has come to be at peace with everything that has happened during the past few years. We have to accept that we cannot go back and that we must focus on making our present scenario the best one.

Taurus has a lot to do with abundance as well. So connecting with our surrounding abundance will be a powerful move. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, will influence us to connect with our sense of self-worth.

This North Node energy can be used for making more deliberate actions. The North Node will also align with Uranus in a rare transit. This will bring unstable energy as well as some big awakenings.

The Southern Node Enters Scorpio

The South Lunar Node does not only pertain to the past. It also symbolizes everything we have mastery over. This Node stands for everything we must not forget.

As such, the movement of the South Lunar Node into Scorpio will encourage us to pay our respects to the changes that have taken place.

It will ask us to assess them and think about how to get the best out of these changes. By being at peace with the changes, we can find the stability and structure needed to progress in life.

The Scorpio energies of the South Node might also hint at a power shift. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, has been particularly active recently regarding big business and government.

We might see issues regarding these areas surface constantly. There might even be changes in how much power these institutions have over our lives.

Predictions Based on The Lunar Nodes Shift

  • We discover more about our values, self-worth, and what we find worthwhile.
  • An urge to have autonomy and power over our lives.
  • More sustainable answers to deal with the environmental crisis
  • Environmental disasters in places with poor sustainability
  • The financial industry will see some changes
  • A more widespread acceptance of digital currency, or our idea of what is “valuable” changes.
  • Finding a deeper feeling of security
  • Power shifts regarding government/corporations/big business.
  • Our sources of wealth/comfort change.

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