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Cancer Full Moon Rising December 22nd: Take The Skeletons Out Of Your Closet

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in Cancer, happening on the 22nd of the last month of 2018, will light up the parenting axis, right in the time for a yearly celebration of childbirth.

People may act like a child, also like moms, or even they can swing from the child to the mom, or be both of them at the same time.

The emotional culmination of this Full Moon is raw, as well as unfiltered, and non-rational as it can actually be, with our Moon being in her sign, and also at the start to boot. Some problems of nurturing, family, caretaking, as well as security are on the way.

Also, reactions and answers are going to be everywhere around the maturity spectrum: cranky and pouty; tender, loving and sensitive; resourceful and pragmatic. In addition, it can bring some heart-warming times with the ones we love, or also drive home no matter of the current unsupportive conditions.

During this period, sentimentality and nostalgia will be inevitable. In fact, this is the period of the year which is running people through some gauntlets of memories and traditions which spelled wonder, magic, as well as awe when those people were younger.

A person should think and observe its childhood days or also observe kids that surround him or her. Children are not able to rationalize or justify. All they do is simply request, want, as well as demand. Also, they expect some fulfillment and throw tantrums in times when they actually don’t get the things they really want.

This Full Moon tells people to actually take the cue, as well as indulge. The planet Venus, which is the one that rules our wishes and desires, is actually in direct and steady current with the planet Neptune, which is the weaver of illusions and dreams.

The combination of these planets oversees creativity and love, and also, they will probably prove to say welcome to some companions right now.

What is the role of the planets Neptune and Venus?

The two planets could have actually jaded, world-weary adults that believe in Santa once again, or also in some goodness and fairness of humanity. This prospect actually came at the time of the New Moon in Sagittarius which occurred around two weeks before this, which pushed under pressure the planet Neptune and its companion from then, the action planet hero Mars.

Right now, the planet Venus operates the hands, as well as hearts of people to receive, believe, trust, as well as allow. Also, if people need some push, the planet Mars is yet nearly to the planet Neptune, which will enable people to follow their wants and desires. Also, love vibes during this period can inspire people to overcome some family, nurturing, or also parental problems which were here for several years.

Influences from Saturn and Chiron.

The Full Moon in Cancer makes an out-of-sign t-square to Chiron, which will be in the last months of the cleaning of some old pains and wounds somewhere in the final degrees of the sign of Pisces.

This configuration is powerful enough to force some healthier and greater boundaries, also to shut down some pity parties, the release of their feeling of being left out as they are not celebrating Christmas; this is everywhere around them.

So, with the line-up of this Moon, when people will be responsible for them and for others can, paradoxically, include letting the child that is within them to come out. Perhaps their parents were not able to do their job properly several years before, or perhaps their family from now is not meeting all their needs; maybe they didn’t take proper care of themselves either; however, they are responsible for themselves right now.

The planet Saturn, which is the one of growing up, will put some simple, concrete, and incremental acts of commitment and stabilizing. The planet is also in door-opening aspects to Neptune and Venus, the ones that make the doorways enticing.

Some of the foundation pieces will be to love, forgive, and take care of themselves. Right now, such things are at their disposal, so, they should make it secure for their child from inside to come to the surface. Also, they provide the platform needed for widening love to other people.

During this period, people should celebrate memories and magic, and also lights which sparkle against the dark sky. Also, they should feel comfortable with traditions, as well as most-liked foods, and the best of all will be in the simple wonder of being alive.

They should make some wishes, hug others, act on some childlike impulses, remove everything that hurts them and open themselves to an encouraging love. 

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