This Is The Lie We All Live! Watch this!

Do you know who you are and where do you come from and what is your purpose in life?

Well, most of us are on this journey of life and we are searching for something. Something that is outside of us; something that will give us fulfillment; something that will make us feel alive; something. But the problem is that as much as we try to seek for things outside of us, we realize that there is nothing outside of us that can make us happy.

I had this realization one day. Suddenly, out of the blue, I realized that I had been living a lie. I had been living a life trying to find something that was a lie.

You know what I was trying to find?

Just, peace and satisfaction

But the problem wasn’t related to what I was trying to find; the problem was more about where I was trying to find it.

I was searching for peace, solace and fulfillment outside of me as most of us do. We try to equate all of this with money. We think that the more money we will have, the happier we will be or the more luxury we have, the happier we will be.

And what not!

In this process of searching outside of us, we forget to ask ourselves an important question: What is our search worth?

We just relentlessly move from our childhood to our youth to our old age searching for happiness outside of us but do you know where the happiness is?

Well, it is within you. This is the lie we all live. And this lie is actually taught to us by the society that we are in. we look at other people striving to seek happiness outside of them. So, we also emulate them and take this journey. But, it is all a lie.

If you continue on the journey of searching outside of you, you will constantly be repelled by what you will find. You will constantly question yourself and you will never be able to define yourself.

On the other hand, you will be enchanted to see what lies within you. You would be overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions you have. You will be so happy to see how much courage, love, compassion and faith are inside of you. But most important of all things is that when you look within yourself, you will be more hopeful and this Hope will help you deal with the things that are happening outside of you. This Hope shall be your savior. This Hope shall help you deal with the sad and hurtful truth of the outside. This Hope shall be your Noah’s Ark.

So, look within and make yourself stronger and better. Don’t go on this endless journey of searching for nothingness and dealing with lies and deceit on a diurnal basis. Experience yourself fully by looking inside of you and you will see how you will be able to enrich the world outside with the power that is inside of you.

Watch this video, as it talks about the same issues that I have tried to address:

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