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“The Best City For You To Live In” Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, the predictions of the zodiac can be quite interesting.  Getting a peek at the important events in your destiny, and the possibility that the stars may hold the solution to your problems, can offer soothing reassurance.

We often rely on horoscope compatibility when seeking romantic partners, ideal work positions, or just to check the prospects of the upcoming week. What about the best cities to live in? Discovering the ideal living spot and matching your nature to your environment, can be very uplifting.

So, if you have the freedom and inclination to pack your suitcase, here are the cities you should travel to, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries feels at home in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The quintessential Aries is spirited, active, and exacting, which suits him perfectly in Amsterdam’s vibrating culture. The city has a variety of strolling and biking tours; therefore, it’s ideal for the person who needs to keep moving.  Additionally, the entrepreneurial and positive Aries would just love it here, Amsterdam being a start-up hub. Here, their copious energy can be put to good use!

Taurus feels at home in Valletta, Malta.

Taurus’ spirit abounds with generosity, which suits them ideally in tiny, cheery Malta. Malta, in the picturesque Mediterranean, is known for its legendary hospitality and magnanimity. The local philosophy agrees with the Taurus’ affection for a communally responsible standard of living, and the undeniably gorgeous archipelago is perfect for the creative Taurus.

Gemini feels at home in Nairobi, Kenya.

Geminis are super-adaptable and thrive in busy places, where they can mingle with the locals or treat themselves to a show of the local culture. So, they fit perfectly in the lively Nairobi business scene. The city also has a pulsating electronic music scene and extravagant nightlife, which would please Gemini’s desire for socializing.

Cancer feels at home in Athens, Greece.

Cancers are born actors. Their imagination and emotionality work well in the Athenian theatre scene.  A Greek capital, Athens is also the world capital of the theatre stage.  Furthermore, its ancient history will certainly charm the Cancer’s romantic nature.

Leo feels at home in Dubai, UAE.

Places that are glamourous and offer a luxurious way of life are natural habitats for Leos. Leos are inclined to gracious grandeur, and this element is a must for them when selecting a place to live. Dubai is synonymous with luxury and wealth, and will perfectly suit unflappable Leo.

Virgo feels at home in Geneva, Switzerland.

Virgos are known for their reason and awareness, as well as their taste for politics.  The peace capital of the world, Geneva, is a renowned centre of politics, and that history suits Virgo well.  The Virgo’s work ethic will thrive in this centre for the UN and Red Cross.

Libra feels at home in Costa Brava, Spain.

Libras are laidback and collected naturalists, who are not easily shocked by novel cultures. Their affection for nature leads them to the amazing Spanish seaside towns, where they will have a peaceful and restorative time in nature. Libras are kind and diligent, and they fit perfectly in the scenery of the tiny fishing villages. If the Libra is on the athletic side, they will enjoy the running on the beaches and hiking the neighbouring hills.

Scorpio feels at home in Venice, Italy.

Scorpio is the secretive and mystical sign of the Zodiac. Scorpios would prefer the seclusion of the Italian city of Venice. They generally stay away from busy places, and therefore will be enchanted by the tranquil atmosphere and the city’s lack of traffic. Even the most cynical Scorpio will be enamoured of the Venetian passageways and fairylike canals, ideal for love and exploration.

Sagittarius feels at home in Gold Coast, Australia.

Sagittarius, very much like the Libra, blooms when outdoors and discovers inner peace in nature. This is why the Gold Coast is the perfect spot for this Zodiac sign. Forever-inquisitive Sagittarians will be quite busy there, not just lying on the beach. This place is surrounded by mountains, has many national and theme parks, as well as a wild nightlife.

Capricorn feels at home in Zurich, Switzerland.

Persistent, determined, ever-achieving Capricorns will adore one of Europe’s richest cities. These business-oriented people will prosper in the financial capital of the world.  Which, in turn, will provide them with the challenges they require.

Aquarius feels at home in Tokyo, Japan.

As the most progressive Zodiac sign, Aquarius naturally seeks a futuristic city. The inquisitive and creative Aquarians will be gripped by multitudes of the odd and bizarre that you cannot find anywhere else.  The modern Aquarians will enjoy the skyscrapers and tech-driven culture of Tokyo, the most inhabited city on Earth.

Pisces feels right in Vienna, Austria.

Pisces are naturally creative, with a deep link to music.  Thus, Vienna will appeal to them immensely. Vienna has hundreds of museums, rich musical history, and beautiful scenery that will spark the romantic nature of the Pisces.

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