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Clearing The Attachments To Past Relationships

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It is important that we reconcile the fact that the pain of our past relationships will stick around for some time. It is like a wound that sometimes leaks, hurts and itches. 

We can not delete the past, we can only accept it and make it a part of our strength.

Therefore, don’t fight the “ex”, don’t try to forget them, don’t try to get rid of them, don’t try to delete them from your memory.

Remember them, give them a place in your life, they were there, they influenced your day-to-day situations, they gave you important realizations and life experiences, and that’s not something small.

After all, this world – it’s our stage, and we have called them ourselves for a reason, maybe to teach us a lessons. We can not deny or ignore teachers because we are bad students.

Let’s break the illusion that we need to forget our ex’s in order to finally start a happy life.

A strong person is not the one who was able to forget and erase everything from their past, but the one who remembers and lives in peace with every decision they have made, and chooses happiness and healthy relationships every day!

Stronger is the acceptance, not the rejection.

A life without ups and downs, or a relationship without hurdles is an illusion. Even in the most successful marriages, there are many obstacles, tests and lessons.

Only, there are more warm moments, more maturity, attention and more love.

And the more mature and complete we feel, the more successful our relationships will become.

It is very important to leave destructive and toxic relationships, and it is even more important to find a new focus of attention, and divert our energy towards acceptance, not rejection.

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