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“None Of It Matters To Me, Things Seem To Be Happening That Matter To Other People.”– More Words Of Wisdom From Jim Carrey

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What we normally see from mainstream media, and the entire entertainment industry in general (which is owned by the “1 percent”) often contains many agendas, falsehoods, and perspectives that often reflect human ego vs truly expanding the way we think.

From the presidential elections to pop culture, it’s becoming much easier for people to see through the charade that’s presented to us. Governments of the western world control mainstream media, corporations control governments, and the financial elite rule all. These institutions are used as puppets to push their agendas.

Entertainment is often no different as ‘famous’ people who speak out and share wisdom are often made to seem seem unstable, the most recent being Jim Carrey. Jim has been sharing a key message that many of us, because we’ve been systematically disconnected on many different levels, don’t quite grasp and understand. But this is OK, because growing awareness around the subjects he is sharing is now being spread more easily as his latest comments have provided a platform for these conversations.

Television is a great tool for getting people to follow a desired narrative, one that is dictated by the elite group that can make anybody out to be crazy and destroy their career and reputation. But at the same time it can be an incredible platform to create discussion.

He’s Talking About True Freedom

In the interview below, Carrey shares a key message about the world that applies to so many different things on so many different levels: “None of it matters to me, things seem to be happening that matter to other people.”

“I’m able to communicate in an authentic way, because there’s nothing at stake… I’m free of that construct.” Jim Carrey

I believe, in many ways, he is telling the world that, from a young age, we are taught to fit in, to be accepted, to “become something.” We are taught to idolize ‘icons,’ be a certain way, act a certain way, and attain/acquire things in order to be fulfilled.

I think we can interpret this in several ways. Essentially, media and the entertainment industry are pushing forth multiple agendas, and one of them is to capitalize on us. Is this what the human race cares about? Is this where our attention lies? Within the stories that are spun about people? Should not the main focus of our attention now shift, totally, to the preservation and care-taking of our planet?

What is going on here? Why are we so distracted? Why are we hearing so much about Jim Carrey when other things should take precedence?

It’s good to see Jim Carey in the state he is, with such an understanding, and able to weather this storm of other people making him out to be a certain way.

Who really cares? I certainly don’t, yet this is something that grabs the attention of millions upon millions of people, still. And so we use this attention on the unimportant to shift the conversation and make it a more conscious one.

That is what “awakened” people like Jim Carrey, John Lennon, and Tupac Shakur do. They are real, and the more real they get, the more those that wish to greedily capitalize on their existence respond.

This seemed to have started with a recent interview where he made these statements:

“There’s no meaning to any of this. I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join, and here I am. I mean, you’ve got to admit, it’s completely meaningless.”

“There is no me. There is just things happening… Here’s the thing: It’s not our world. That’s the key. We don’t matter. We don’t matter. There’s the good news.”

He created a stir and it’s a stir around a subject that, if embraced by society, would radically change our world for the better. You can read more about that here. 

It’s always great to see a “celebrity” give people something to think about.

I believe he is speaking of multiple concepts, like the fact that perhaps our attention should be turning elsewhere, and also of much deeper concepts that touch upon quantum physics, psychology, the ego, and more.

Here is an article we published on one of his older interviews, and below you will find a more recent interview.

“Jim has started a conversation around something that is critical for all of us: creating more self awareness and self discovery. The very fact that so many mainstream outlets are covering this from the standpoint of how ‘weird’ his latest statements are shows us how little thought we put into asking big questions in life in the mainstream. Instead we are asked to play into the many distractions and trivial bits of content that don’t challenge us to think deeper, understand who we are, or move beyond suffering — all of which Jim’s latest interviews explore.”

– Joe Martino


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