How To Find If Your Partner Is Likely To Be Unfaithful

by Conscious Reminder

The problem of infidelity is perhaps as old as relationships. However, different people tend to have a different opinion of it. For some the definition is quite simple, any sort of breach of trust is infidelity. If any of the partners is being untrue, they are doing it consciously and that makes them unfaithful.

Then there are others for whom infidelity and disloyalty are slightly different things. Infidelity means having intimate relations with someone other than their partner. But many couples are in an open relationship and thus allow this.

However, disloyalty is when infidelity is committed without the knowledge and/or consent of the other partner. Again, this disloyalty has different levels, ranging from texting a third party, kissing someone other than your partner, and finally having a physical relation with them. For different people the definition of disloyalty is different. Exactly how much is too much varies from relationship to relationship.

In most of the cases, disloyalty arises out of a need to break the monotony by one of the partners. They are so tired of their partner that they seek new excitement somewhere else.

Here are a few characteristics of people who are likely to become disloyal in a relationship:

1. They are frequently jealous of their partner

It should have been the other way round but this is how it is. Because they themselves are guilty of lying to their partners, they project this guilt on them and think that their partner is lying to them as well. Just because they are cheating or want to cheat, they think the other person is already doing so.

2. They are seldom able to keep their emotions in check

The thing with a disloyal person is that they are always fighting an inner battle. This takes its toll on their mental health and they are not able to handle their emotions well. Thus they lash out and become aggressive quite often.

3. Unusual display of dependency

Since the unfaithful partner is guilty, they’ll try to make up for their disloyalty. They’d try to reinforce exactly how much they need their partner to the point of it becoming very absurd between the couple.

4. A change in the perception of love

When the couple first met, they must have had similar or at least complementing opinions about love. However ever since one partner starts to cheat, his or her idea of love undergoes a change as well to suit their present needs.

5. A need to always have someone, even though they will cheat again

An unfaithful person always seeks out a companion for a relationship. They always need someone to cheat on, in a way. They might have convinced themselves that they have changed, but they rarely do.

6. Unhealthy solutions for their needs

In most of the cases, what the disloyal person is trying to do is to fill an emotional void, through sex. This kind of behavior is damaging and doesn’t ever lead to satisfaction. They just keep moving from one sexual partner to the next.

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