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Neptune Is Retrograde, Revealing The Truth About Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

June must have been a month that stirred you from within and it still has more in store. By the middle of this month, four powerful planets will be moving through the water signs and four others will be moving through the earth signs.

Neptune, the planet of fantasies will go retrograde and now, reality will hit you. Neptune does not like reality but it is time to face to truth. Truth can be ugly, so be prepared. The retrograde will begin from 21st June and will stay till the month of November 27th.

Since Neptune directs your subconscious, it helps with compassion and diving inspiration. It also controls dreams. Retrograde means that your intuitive abilities will be heightened. Your illusions will be stripped off and now, you can see the truth. How will that affect your zodiac signs:


Your house of dreams and karma will be affected. You will confront your spiritual side. Don’t go for mind-altering drugs at this moment. It’s time to be honest with yourself.


The eleventh House of teams and networks will be brightened up. Are you compassion with human beings? Deception will be a part of your friend’s circle, from your side or from the other side. Don’t get stubborn. Be open-minded.


Be hardworking. Neptune retrograde will take place in the house of your careers. Time to make some sacrifices. Be responsible for your actions. Do not avoid any professional work. Take charge.


The house of travel and philosophy is being clarified by Neptune. Spirituality will get a boost. Time to read a good book or enter into school for some kind of certification. You have one life – make it large.


You are going through slow evolution. Your growth areas will get lightened up by Neptune and your comfort zone will not be limited anymore. Don’t crate boundaries for yourself. Do not stay in control – the truth will not be as you expected. And it will eventually reveal itself.


Healing is important. Couple therapy and relationships, part of the 7th House, will get cleared during Neptune retrograde. Start to build up proper communication channels with your partner. Start caring and sharing – it is the only way to come to an agreement with one another.


Are you doing what you really want to do? Health and routine will be marked during the Neptune retrograde. Start looking at your habits – are they really doing you any good. Habits reflect who you really are – so, start by bringing some clarity in your life. Health is wealth, remember that.


Life is an imitation of art. Romance and creativity – the 5th house – is becoming empowered this time. Start listening to your heart’s voice and start a creative project. Your hidden talents, lost during your daily struggles with mundane life, will start revealing yourself. It’s time to exploit them.


Neptune will clear up the air in your fourth house which is of family and home. So, find your secured place. Be it friends or relatives, any place that makes you feel nurtured and healthy is the place you want to be in. Find compassion in the place you call ‘home’.


Compassionate communication is the key. The fog in your 3rd house, that is, of communication, will clear up during the Neptune retrograde. Empathize will other people. The planet of intuition is bringing you the change to find ways to be pragmatic. Be wise – don’t end up being cold-hearted.


Values will light up during this retrograde season. You have to start thinking about your finances and start looking for ways to save them. Think about what you buy – is it worth the money? Do you really need it? Or are you just trying to increase your self-worth by adding material? Your shopping addictions will be questioned during Neptune retrograde.


Neptune rules you. The retrograde will have the most effect on you. You believe in magic – you are magic. You can feel the energies around you and you are truly blessed in that way. But now, with this retrograde, you can find a place in a reality where you can finally understand what you truly desire. Your ‘self’ will be revealed, without Neptune’s illusion.

Come in terms with reality during Neptune retrograde. You will learn more about you. Know that it is needed.

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