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We Are All Talented In Our Own Way: The 9 Types Of Intelligence You Should Know

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by Conscious Reminder

The term intelligence is not just limited to academic brilliance.

It is in fact a stereotype created by society; the reality is that Geniuses come in various forms and ways. That is to say that a person can be intelligent in doing something very specific which others might find difficult to do or learn.

People think that they were unable to perform excellent in school and thus they cannot be termed intelligent. But psychologist Howard Gardner believes that there are multiple types of intelligence.

Science pertaining to 9 types of human intelligence:

The book “The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” by Gardner provides us tools to determine one’s strengths and weaknesses. His categorization of intelligence is-

1. Musical-rhythmic: the ability to rhythm, timbre, pitch, and tone.

2. Visual-spatial: ability to think in three dimensions. The core capabilities include active imagination, image manipulation, mental imagery, artistic skills, and spatial reasoning.

3. Verbal-linguistic: ability to use complex language to convey complex meanings.

4. Logical-mathematical: ability to calculate, consider propositions, quantify, and complete mathematical operations.

5. Bodily-kinesthetic: ability to use various physical skills and manipulate objects and items.

6. Interpersonal: ability to interact with others well, including both verbally and non-verbally.

7. Intrapersonal: ability to understand your own feelings and thoughts.

8. Naturalistic: ability to discriminate between living things.

9. Existential: ability to think about deep questions about human existence. Intelligence empowers people.

Intelligence empowers people

Knowing our strengths helps us to break away from the stereotypes and knowing our weaknesses helps us to improve and grow.

Every intelligent person is distinct.

You should try to fit into the type of profession which your intelligence supports. This will maximize your growth and will help you live a satisfying life. Each individual is different and thus you must look to forge your own path ahead

What do you think by different types of intelligence? Share your views and opinions with us.

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