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Enlightenment Is Difficult To Achieve. These Steps Teach You How To Do It

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by Conscious Reminder

In the end, just like in the start, enlightenment attracts exactly as it also eludes. So, this is another good reason to permit that journey to actually be something more. However, that can be easily said that it can be done.

So, the journey to enlightenment may be a quite hard and painful one. That journey may hurt a lot, particularly when a person realizes that the enlightenment may never be really achieved. This means that every journey to enlightenment is quite difficult, so those that are on it know about this.

However, those that are about to start it will experience the rude awakening: all that pressure and sharpening is going to test them like never before.

Here is how people may manage the enlightenment’s elusiveness:

Let it give you shape 

Their lives’ crucible will test them anyway. They can also learn something from it, so they should let it burn them and after that rise sharply from its ashes having the heart of a Phoenix.

The difference between those that are on the track and those that are not is the following: the ones on the track are actually better-aware of that crucible and the lessons it has for them.

Being on their path, people feel like they are in their comfort zone. They take the leaps of bravery, and they don’t feel afraid of ‘jumping into the fire,’ as they are the fire and the blaze too.

Their surrender, even though painful, is their own surrender. When a fire is paired with fire, it equals an even greater fire. Nothing will burn more brightly as pain does, so people will be brave to own that.

Stay open to challenges 

There is nothing that will take more courage than the putting of one foot right in front of other one on the way leading towards enlightenment, particularly taking in consideration the fact saying that enlightenment is always going to be elusive.

When it actually comes to resisting that rub, people’s grit is going to come in handy. The rub represents the way of the Great Mystery of polishing people into pearls.

Also, their cosmos is their oyster which massages them into eminence with the uncomfortable, painful and irritating rub. There is nothing more difficult or more enlightening too. With that, they will start realizing that they are not simply a small speck here in this Universe, but they are the whole Universe in one speck. Suddenly, everything was worth the struggle.

Take the pressure

People will not know their capacities if pressure does not exist. They will also not know what they are able of achieving without the existence of challenges. Pressure keeps their bodies healthy, their minds sharp and their souls calibrated.

Pressure is also required in polishing diamonds. Not security, not comfort or safety, but simply pressure. Pressure is necessary for smoothing out edges, making them more robust and anti-fragile. Even shadows cannot be immune to the enlightening nudge of pressure.

Let it make you sharper 

More wisdom exists in just one inch of a scar earned hardly than in one mile of knowledge gained easily.

When the wound cannot kill people, it is likely hiding some great wisdom within it. Sure, pain also exists, but that pain is the one which models the heart in wholeheartedness. It also carves the mind in open-mindedness and sharpens the soul in a thing which would be sharp enough so to cut God.

The sacred wounds people have are profound scars they earned while they were raked over the coals of life. These scars keep them awake, as well as aware of becoming their authentic self. Such scars keep them courageous in their vulnerability.

Submitting to sharpening is accepted as people are going to receive a lot of sacred wounds on the way to enlightening themselves.

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