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Science Claims That Hugging Trees Greatly Improves Your Well-Being

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by Conscious Reminder

According to one research from recently, hugging trees may be helpful for a lot of health problems, which include depression, ADHD, and some other different mental disorders.

Do you belong to the group of people that love to hug trees? Usually, people joke about that practice of hugging when they talk about the planet and ecology, but, it was discovered that hugging trees can be excellent for our health.

As one book from recent times claims, titled Blinded by Science and written by Matthew Silverstone, trees have the ability to improve the well-being of people.

Also, there is some reason behind the fact that we see green spaces appealing and healing too. Just like it was discovered, our body and mind crave for such areas because of a reason.

The powers of tree-hugging.

As the research of the author of the book claims, tree-hugging may be helpful with a lot of different health problems, which include depression, ADHD and some other different mental disorders.

Also, cozying up to trees may help in improving the reaction and concentration times of a person. It was also discovered that hugging trees will alleviate headaches.

Some other studies on this subject discovered the psychological and physiological benefits which spending some time among the plants in nature has. In fact, there is some reason why we find trees appealing and healing.

Why hugging tree works?

According to some studies from previously, a lot of scientists actually made the theory that the green, as well as open areas are the ones which produce such beneficial and health effects. The author of the book, however, discovered that the trees, and also other plants, create some healing benefits. Everything is based on the vibrations.

Perhaps, you know that every single thing vibrates. Also, you may know that there are some specific vibrations which have an effect on us. You are certainly going to feel entirely different vibrations when in some beautiful and green park, instead of a dark and closed room. Scientists also proved that if we drink water which is charged with 10Hz vibration, it is going to change the rates of our blood coagulation immediately after drinking it.

Trees also have a very similar impact like this one. The patterns of vibration within them influence our patterns too. So, in cases when we are in contact with some tree, the vibrations coming from it will change particular behaviors in our body. It seems that the vibrations of trees will be beneficial for restoring our mental balance and in calming us down too.

How can you hug trees?

This probably sounds a stupid question. It is simple: go next to some tree, put the arms around the tree, and that’s it. However, this is just one of the ways of hugging a tree. In fact, you may do that being consciously aware, and in that way, you are not just going to take the tree’s energy, but you will also give that energy back.

And, here is how you can do that: come next to some tree with which you resonate, and then hug that tree for about five or more minutes. After that, turn around, lean the back against it until there is some feeling of change in the energy inside you. When you finish, just thank the tree, but, you can also leave offerings. It is going to be good for you and for the tree too.

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