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Facts About This Month’s Black Moon & What This Astrological Event Means For All Zodiac Signs

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by Eugene Aldridge, Your Tango

Black moon? Dark moon? Lilith? Who is that? What does it all mean! Help!

Everyone once in a while strange things happen in the universe and there is no explanation as to why.

You can hear all types of terms you’ve never even read about before when digging into astrology. The next thing you know, you’re wondering what gives? And, how does this affect my zodiac sign?

For example, February 2018 will go down in history for not being the month when couples celebrate their “love” on a regular day that. Instead of remembering Vday for a day of chocolate and credit cards, it will go down as much bigger than that with universally significant meaning.

We’re talking about something on a higher level… like 238,900 miles (384,400 km) in the sky high — that’s as big as a full moon during winter season.

There was no full moon in February, and there won’t be. (So, all you werewolves can relax and go out to see a movie, if you want. I’m sure that’s what Scott McCall would do. But for you non-werewolves, this means something totally different.)

But there was a black moon, the dark moon, or the Lilith are all different names for the same thing. The fact that every 20 years or so, there is not a full moon but instead a black org in the sky where a full moon should be. It’s news worthy, if you ask me.

When something happens only every 20 years, it obviously means something, right? Hey, if healthcare professionals can jokingly rumor that a full moon increases crazier crisis than usual, the same could go for the showing up of a black moon. The real question then becomes, what exactly does a black moon affect?

A full moon brings energy and the black moon brings in its own type of energy, also. It’s probably affected you now. If you can’t tell then I’ll definitely bring it to your attention and you’ll be shocked how well I’m able to tell you about your life!

Here are 3 interesting facts about the black moon that took place this February and what this celestial event means in astrology.

1. What does the Black Moon signify?

The answer is death. Metaphorical death, of course. The death of old, tired relationships. Death to the ties you once had with an ex-lover. Death to putting in all the effort while others don’t reciprocate.

People you thought you knew and cared for could end up being someone it’s best not to keep in contact with.

You are probably feeling anger or sorrow over friendships seeming one-sided, a job that feels like a dead-end or a relationship that has signs of being toxic.

Don’t go making rash decisions without a follow-up plan, of course. Don’t go quitting your job to start a photography business without something to keep you steady.

2. What should you expect during the Black Moon?

During this February, the power of being able to grow and improve yourself is increased due to the Black Moon’s energy. In nature, with death comes new growth and new beginnings.

And like in nature, a wildfire helps get rid of the old and bring in the new. So, if you decide to cut off some friends or leave an unfulfilling lover you will feel a new perspective on life.

The only way this will work is if you put effort into it but the energy you need to take on that new project on go on a brave, new path will be there.

3. What is the dark side of the Black Moon?

The black moon can bring out your Lilith. If you’ve done an astrology birth chart then you may have seen a part that said “Lilith”. This is the dark side of you, the repressed desires and that side of you that you struggle to keep down.

But the black moon being synonymous with the Lilith will make those hidden desires even harder to keep hidden.

Maybe everything seems to be taking way too long this month or maybe you haven’t spoken to your family since January ended. Every Lilith is paired with a zodiac sign so every desire or secret is different but it does not mean you’ll become a serial killer.

It just means you need to watch out for putting yourself in a bad predicament because you’ve decided to take things further than usual.

All I ask is that you think about every decision you make this month. The black moon provides incredible energy but if you don’t think about your actions it could lead to horrible consequences. Be safe this February and make your next move with a backup plan!

Art Credit: Luna Messi

About the Author: You can catch Eugene Aldridge furiously writing about something at 3 am. For whatever reason, palm trees make him smile. Check out more of his articles on YourTango.

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