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August 26th Full Moon In Pisces: Ride With The High Tides

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by Conscious Reminder 

The Full moon on 26 August, would be a major spectacle in the sky, owing to the kite formation in which it would be present.

It would occur in Pisces, and owing to the harmonious nature of the kite aspects of this full moon, it would help us a lot in widening our foresight, and sharpening our talents.

This fool moon would also be bringing forth several new opportunities in the field of money-making, for it is linked to two strong stars, which helps in increasing stability, and security.

Full Moon Astrology

On 11 August, a full moon appears that is symmetrically harmonious, formed into a kite pattern. A solid blue triangle is formed, which form a kite with the Sun, Uranus, and Moon. Also, adjoining are two fixed stars, that should be given much thought too.

Then, at 04/01, the star closest is called Sadalmelik, which albeit a smaller star, is much closer. This star has a penchant for destruction and danger, but when in accordance with Uranus and the others, it is very beneficial for us, because it allows us to expand on our circles, and navigate throughout, to maximize wealth.

“The name Sadalmelik is Arabic for “Luck of the King.” Morse says “it is an indicator of the most brilliant success and favor for those in authority, and a sign that they will put it to good use if they have it well aspected.” This suggests good things will happen to the people of good leaders during the two weeks of this moon phase.” (The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.110)

At 04/07, comes another fixed star called Fomalhaut. It is the Abrahamic representation of Angel Gabriel, and is said to bring in a lot of gain, but it also leads to immediate obstacles, that need to be overcome in order to finally receive all the profits that you so deserve.

“Fomalhaut is very fortunate and powerful yet can cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression. Ebertin said “this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked.” (Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.78.)

Sun trine Saturn brings a good working relationship with your superiors and subordinates. Also, it has the added benefit that your strong work ethic, or determination, wouldn’t hamper your personal, or private life.

Sun trine Uranus leads to an intuitive capability, that allows one to follow a road of self-discovery, while also getting out of one’s comfort zone, and exploring other sides of life.

Saturn trine Uranus, allows one to handle added responsibility on their shoulders, without second-guessing their abilities. They are a transitional phase in your life, where one grows mature, and stable. This period would allow you to take control of your life, and steer it in the direction you want it to.

Lastly, comes the Minor Grand Time, where the pattern formed by the Sun, Moon and Uranus, leads to a rise in creative intelligence, and a deep found interest in mysticism. Also, it makes one ponder over their own existence, and what it amounts to in the end. Leading one, to start over afresh, and realize what life has in store for them.

Moon sextile Saturn leads to a familial person, who is affectionate towards their partner, not in a way that is physical, but someone who cares, nourishes, and helps them, at all points of life. This allows for the birth of a family, where one person takes care of the other.

Moon sextile Uranus, leads to introspection. One tries to understand one’s role in the universe. They try to take control, and become their own masters, while also simultaneously growing up as individuals.

This is also characterized by having great intuitive abilities, with which one can easily decipher everything that takes place around him, and adapt himself to it.

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