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The Phenomenon Of Leading Parallel Lives

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This topic sure sounds like something of a sci-fi movie!

But do you think you are living parallel lives? And NO, we are not asking you if you are having a love affair.

Well, the fact is that this depends on how you define the concept of “life” for yourself.

Although, I think that all of us lead some sort of parallel life, all the time! Some of us live more parallel lives than others but all of us do lead parallel lives. And I can explain this to you in greater detail.

The Higher Self

When a soul enters a body, only some portion of it reincarnates. The rest of the soul and energy are around in other dimensions and realms and it is actually busy doing other activities. That part may be dormant but chances are that it is living a full-fledged life of its own.

Also, this part of your Soul may also travel to other dimensions which are beyond our access and reach; which is the realm of the Higher Self. This Higher Self will also guide you and make you a better person. It will enrich your experience on Earth and will guide you through all the activities that you do on Earth. All you have to do is that you have to tune into the energy of your Higher Self for help and energy. So, the Higher Self is not exactly a parallel life that you are leading but it is more like an extension of your living self in another dimension that you can use for your own benefit.

The so talked-about Twin Flame connection

The Souls that reincarnate into two separate bodies are called Twin Flames. They don’t have to be of a different gender; they can choose whatever gender which they think is good for them. Twin Flame connections are actually extremely strong; so much so that many people long to meet their Twin Flame thinking that the Twin Flame will be their perfect partner; although this may not be true. But the reality is that Twin Flames do not have to meet and be in a romantic relationship with each other but they are reincarnated around the same time and they are working on the same goal together. The fact is that when a soul is living two lives, this means that they are more advanced and are growing and learning at a faster pace than other souls.

Taking The Role Of A Guide

Sometimes the Soul is learning to be a guide or is already a guide that is there to help people around them. Most of the work of a guide happens in the higher realms which are far away from the consciousness of the guide in the living form. Sometimes the guide may not even have active memories of their work as a guide. The guide may be a teacher, a healer or a mentor in their physical life but this is not always true. No matter what job the guide choose in their material life; some of their energy is in the higher realms and is guiding people somewhere.

I think, the most important thing that all of us have to realize is that our souls are much stronger than we think or than we could ever imagine.

Tell us what you think about the concept of parallel lives in the comments section below!

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