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The March Pisces New Moon Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams

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by Conscious Reminder

The winter’s ultimate new moon is going to rise on March 2 and is expected to be filled with magic and loads of manifesting mojo.

It serves as a recap of the Pisces season and will plunge us into our emotions while making our deepest desires achievable. 

Do your best to connect to the spirituality of the March New Moon as it can bring abundance to your life.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The March New Moon?

The coming new moon starts off the new month and sets the mood for the astrology of March 2022. During this time, you can observe the stellium in astrology where you can see the 4 planets in Pisces which include the moon, sun, Neptune, and Jupiter.

This will be the only time that you can observe Neptune and Jupiter, traveling together in their home-base sign. The moon and the sun will activate their presence and this illumination will offer a time when you can tap into the Pisces’ powers.

Pisces is a water sign and its energy inspires us to go on with life. The sign will help you embrace the full spectrum of your feelings and will help you connect to your inner spirituality.

This time is also great for introspection as you can dig deep in your heart and get in touch with your feelings. You should also ensure that your current goals are aligned with the vibrations of your higher self. March will be the perfect time to empathize with yourself and move on with a great sense of compassion.

The March New Moon will launch you into the final lunar cycle of the winters so there is a great emphasis on the exploration of new emotional territories.

It might be difficult for you to shift your gears in life, especially your heart, but with Jupiter in line with the new moon, everything will seem idealistic. The moon will also form positive sextile aspects to Uranus, which means that help and stability are on the way. All you need to do is to trust the Universe.

How Can You Work With The New Moon Energy In March

It will be much easier to connect with the spirituality of the new moon all thanks to the stellium of planets in Pisces. All it does is to “up” your intuitive powers.

The energy offered by Pisces is linked to your sleep, dreams, and subconsciousness, so this will be a great time to practice some dream work. 

You should set an intention on the night of ( or before and after) the new moon and focus on a goal that you hope to get some insight into.

Write down everything that you remember from your dream when you wake up in the morning, which will include your feelings, energies, people, locations, and even situations. 

After three nights of proper dream-logging, spend some quality time thinking about the symbols, recurrent images, or themes and try to apply them to your present situation. New moons are expected to enhance your intuition so the meanings that you get from them might be surprising.

The illumination will be heavy in Pisces energy and is also a great time to connect with “water”.

You can take a candle-lit moon bath as you note down your intentions, as it is a great way to get in touch with the moon’s energy and gain some healing energy for yourself.

Try meditating while concentrating on a bowl of water (scrying) as it can help you embrace your inner psychic abilities. Allow your mind to interpret the shapes on the surface of the water and gaze at the colors in the reflection.

Always keep your third eye open and see what messages find their way into the experience of the new moon.

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