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Pisces Season Is Here And It’s Time To Tie Up Loose Ends

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2021 Pisces Season has arrived and will be accompanied by the closure and culmination of this zodiac house.

This is an ideal time to tie the loose ends by optimizing the energies present in the final 12 months.

Last year was a transformative time in several ways and the beginning of this new cycle of astrology will start after Pisces Season ends. The seeds will start sprouting and there will be a renewed energy to flourish and try new paths.

2021 Pisces Season will be ushered by the significant Saturn Square Uranus on 17th February. This will be a defining moment since the 2 fishes enter our lives. The symbolism of 2 opposite directional swimming fishes indicates beginning and conclusions as well as cause-effect.

Consequently, this season might give us a chance to embrace new beginnings or bid goodbyes. The easy-going energy of the Pisces Season will overpower the volatility of Saturn Square Uranus and prepare us for a clean slate. Here are some important dates for the 2021 Pisces Season to look out for.

Sun In Pisces -18th/19th February

This is the last lap of the zodiac run of the previous season. It’s the perfect time to reflect on life from an emotional perspective.

Mercury Direct-20th February

Mercury is positioned directly following retrograde from 30th January. Mercury is extremely powerful when it remains stationed. Past issues might resurface in order to gain some clarity. Legal disputes, technical difficulties, or miscommunications will start easing out.

Venus Arrives In Pisces-25th February

Pisces is loved by Venus. This makes the energy imaginative, beautiful, and creative. The arrival of Venus into Pisces disrupts Aquarius Stellium that has been functioning throughout this month. This powerful Aquarian energy of this moment will start fading after a few weeks.

Full Moon In Virgo-27th February

Virgo Full Moon carries creative, sweet, and healing powers. This energy is humbling and enables us to feel secure and certain of our decisions and life. The full moon will vent our pent-up energy and soothe our complications.

Mercury Conjunction Jupiter-4th March

As Mercury exits retrograde, the communications will become smoother and stronger. Embrace larger ideas and thoughts as our minds will be sharp and creative on this day.

Moon Wobble-5th March

Lunar Nodes formed at a 90-degree angle aligned by the Sun makes Moon Wobble. The energy is ‘wobbly’ as there is a change in the air due to imbalances. This might cause events influenced by the weather.

Sun Conjunction Neptune-10th March

The quiet Neptune encourages creativity, dreams, and illusion and will be influential on this day. We must listen to the inner voice to make a better reality. The truth might be distorted so you should trust your instincts to achieve a new perspective.

Venus And Pisces New Moon Conjunct Neptune-13th March

This will be the final New Moon and usher creative and soothing energies. This will act as a reminder to follow instincts and hearts to bring passion to life. This is an ideal opportunity to begin new projects as well as romance. The harmony between Neptune and Venus brings unconditional love.

Mercury Enters Pisces-15th March

Pisces is favorable to Mercury as Pisces is emotional while Mercury is rational. Mental confusions might take place during this time although creativity might bring clarity.

Equinox & Astrological New Year-20th/21st March

After the Pisces Season, the next astrological new year will start with the Aries Season.

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