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Tonight Is The Most Energetic New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Massive Energy Shift!

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On the 4th of February, we are going to witness a New Moon happening in Aquarius. This New Moon will hold glittering, beautiful and abundant energy for every one of us.

Right after the intense Blood Moon Eclipse in January, the Aquarius New Moon is going to bring welcomed relief for all of us, and it will help us to soothe and soften pains or aches which we feel.

This New Moon will definitely be one of the greatest and most powerful events of 2019, carrying with it some optimistic vibrations. It is also going to help us step into new things.

Since this year’s beginning, we were walking between old and new things. We cleared our past and built bricks towards the future. Maybe we were not really guided to which direction we have to turn, but with the New Moon, we will be guided in the right way.

This phase of the Moon is going to be the right time for planting seeds and setting intentions.

When we put attention and action to certain things, they are going to blossom into a beautiful and bright flower under the energy.

This will be the perfect period to rise big and claim our powers.

This will also be the moment of taking our crown and sitting on the throne of our life, commanding with a wide-open heart or mind. It will be the time for us to take our place and come out of all those shadows, going straight to the light.

We have to quit some bad habits or repeated patterns, or also beliefs which leave us stuck. We can do this if we love ourselves and release ourselves from judgments.

In order to guarantee success, we will have to align first.

It means to align to the beat of our heart and soul, and we will need to partner with our self and listen to all that wisdom which will unfold.

When doing this, when aligning in that way, we are going to become one with our own self and with our Universe, and everything that we would want is going to be delivered to us with greater grace and speed.

There is also the possibility of manifesting abundance of amazing moments on the earthly dimension; however, everything starts with the mindset. Everything starts with how good we are listening to the soul and how we express the energy of that soul later on in life.

Under the energy of the New Moon, we need to show ourselves as the one we really are. We also need to give, live or allow everything we are to radiate out. Also, we need to welcome the energy in different corners of life, and after that start taking some action in order to make sure that it definitely sticks.

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