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How The Number Of Letters In Your Name Determines How Chaotic Your Life Is

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With all that’s happening in our lives, isn’t it a good excuse to be a little chaotic? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. One thing’s for sure though, we all have excuses for that ever-cluttered apartment.

We all got excuses for the dishes that have been sleeping in the sink for 4 days now. Because if we need to work and feed ourselves, how in the world would we have time to do the dishes? Isn’t that why Chinese take-outs and pizzas are served in boxes? So we don’t have to grab a plate when eating it at home? Girl, you are so not alone in this. Being young and wild and suddenly having to deal with all the responsibilities of being an adult (fine, young adult), it’s not easy. So we turned to the fun tests we found online (thanks to social media) and did a thorough test to judge how messy you are based on the number of letters in your name. And yes, we think it has some sort of relevance.

# 8 letters, combined

To all our pals with two names, start counting if your two names equate to 8 letters. If it does, there’s nothing much to worry about. You’re not the cleanest but you pay attention to your clutter. People with 8 combined letters in their names tend to be keen individuals. They are observant and they don’t mind spending a few extra minutes scrutinizing the things around them. These folks are also responsible ones. You know you’re a very busy person. You know you don’t have the luxury of time to spend just scrubbing around your house. But you are also fully aware of the fact that you just cannot leave your house cluttered and filthy until your neighbors call the health department. So what do you do? You set some schedule. Sometimes it’s once a week. On busy times, you clean less. Needless to say, you try your best to get your place clean.

# 5 letters

To all the Katie’s and Paige’s out there, this one’s for you. Ladies, you hate cleaning. We’re sorry to break it to you but your excuses are not deeply-hidden secrets anymore. We know that you know those are plain excuses. You’re not really that busy, you just love to pretend you’re busy so you can justify your cluttered apartment. Your mom surely named you right because having five letters in their names pretty much means pretender. We’re not saying you’re a bad person or that you’re a pretender in all aspects of your life. What we’re saying is when it comes to being busy, that’s when you pretend. And you do it so good almost everyone believes in you. Well, not anymore. Lady, it’s about time to admit to yourself that you’re just a lazy*ss and you better start doing something about it. You hate cleaning but girl, nobody is going to clean up after you.

# 10 letters, combined

Pals with long names are not just messy at home. They’re messy in almost everything. You’re the most disorganized person ever and you know that, but you’re not really doing anything about it. You strongly believe that it’s part of who you are, it’s sort of like something you cannot change because it’s embedded in you. Girl, that is not what being disorganized means. Yes, maybe it’s in you, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it anymore. Of course, you do! It’s just that you’re too messy with life to even think about it. Women with 10 letters combined are achievers in life. You love making your own rules and you loving showing others what you can do, which makes you highly successful. But you struggle with organizing things, not just at home but in life. You chase a lot of dreams at the same time and you don’t do well with interacting with people. This weakness of yours is stopping you from being way more successful.

# 12 letters, combined

For the ladies with two (or three) names with combined letters that equate to 12, girl you’re the total opposite of 10 letters combined. You clean up after yourself a lot. And we mean, A LOT. You cannot survive a day without making sure your apartment is clean and everything is at its proper place. You check your schedules twice, sometimes thrice even when you have someone else to do that because you want to make sure you have enough time allotted for everything, and when you just don’t have the time you know what to give up. You know what to sacrifice. People with 12 letters combined in their names are amazing people who tend to be more mature than most folks in their age, no matter what age group they belong. You’re the kind of person your friends envy because of how organized you are in life, but you’re not rude. You teach them to be organized too.

# 7 letters

Speaking of a little rudeness, folks with 7 letters in their names have the tendency to be rude. Calling out all the Kaitlin’s and Ophelia’s out there… now don’t hate us just yet, we’re not saying you’re evil people, we just noticed that folks with 7 letters in their names have a certain kind of rudeness in them. You are an amazing person, really, but you’re not that good with interacting with others. You hate it when people approach you and ask for your help, especially for something you know you excel in, like staying organized. You’re the kind of person who has mastered all ways to be organized at home, at the workplace, and in life. You know if something is worth sparing some time and you know when someone is just wasting yours. Because of this, your pals ask your help from time to time. They want advice on how to be less disorderly. This is where your rudeness comes in.

# 9 letters, combined

For our pals with two names that equate to 9 letters, you’re like a half-and-half. When it comes to keeping your place clean, and your life organized. You’re not really a master of it. You tend to make cleaning schedules far apart because it’s something you don’t really like but you know you have to do it. You’re a minimalist, mainly because you want to have less things to look out for. Luckily, women in this category also tend to be non-cookers. This makes it less depressing for you when talking about cleaning. You just eat outside more often than you eat at home and when you do, they’re usually take-outs that don’t touch any plate. Because you realized the beauty of minimalism at home, you also tend to practice it in life. You commit to fewer invites and you keep a small circle of friends. Work wise, you’re successful but you don’t go wild if you missed an opportunity that will raise your success to the next level. Woman, you are chill like that.

# 4 letters

Dani, Lisa, Kate, Mary, Jane, Rose… 4 is probably one of the most common name number there is. Our moms are not lazy, they just love names that have fewer letters in it. Sadly though, gals with only 4 letters tend to be a crazy mix of clean and clutter. You’re trying your best to be as neat as you can and yes, we can all see your effort. You sleep 30 minutes late than you usually do when you know you HAVE to clean the house. Or the kitchen, at least. You’re okay with waking up early to make sure the laundry is all folded. But when it comes to outside life, that’s when you’re a total mess. You find it a challenge to keep good relationships with others, which is why you only have a few friends. You’re also often mistaken as someone rude, which is why workplace is not your favorite place. In general, you’re a half-and-half as well, but only with more roughness.

# 7 letters, combined

And then we have our pals with two names that are both short that equate to 7 letters… these people are not messy. They’re not messy at all. In fact, you’re the opposite of messy. You were taught at a very young age to clean up after yourself. You’re taught that this world is already chaotic as it is, and you don’t really need to add more chaos to it. Definitely a great childhood! But growing up, you somehow forgot about it. You know how to clean up after yourself and how to make your life simple and smooth but for some reason, you often find yourself in crazy, chaotic situations. You find yourself in the wrong career path, or in the wrong group of friends. You’re trying but you’re missing something, which is why you can’t really get yourself to the smooth path of life you dreamed about. This is making you so stressed out. Girl, just take it easy, okay? You got this.

# 8 letters

Folks with 8 letters in their name are like 80% organized. You rule your life and you’re aware of it. You love to take on things that are new to you because you know the magic of learning from experience. And girl, you do this all amazingly well. No matter what your schedule is, you make it a point to leave your house as clean as possible, and you make it a point to have a less-stressful schedule as possible. It’s important that you allot time to have fun and enjoy life, not just work and do all other adult responsibilities. But because life can be too much sometimes, you tend to be overwhelmed easily. Whenever things happen that you haven’t really prepared for (and this happens more often than you think it does) you get overwhelmed and you forget how to take control of things. This is when things start to be messy.

# 11 letters, combined

Now because women with two names with 11 letters combined tend to be creative, of course, they also tend to be messy. You’re a natural-born artist and whether or not you know that, it doesn’t really matter. At least not for you. You were born with so much creativity and so much enthusiasm about life. You always chase adventures and you don’t really care what other people say, which makes you one model person in your circle of friends. Of course, you’re in a circle of equally creative people. People who also love to chase their dreams while riding unicorns. And for those who already discovered the magic of their creativity, they’re usually in a creative field. If this is you then chances are, you always have your apartment at its messiest state. This is not because ladies with 11 letters in a combined name are lazy people. It’s because they see art in their mess.

# 9 letters

On the other side of the coin, pals with 9 letters in a single name tend to be artists, but lazy ones. You love art and you’re a highly creative person. Be it messy art like painting or building things, or the more high-tech stuff like graphic design, you love your art. You’re an overflowing source of creativity and such creativity is the main reason why you always see life in a different perspective. You see it in a less serious way and sometimes, the less serious way is the way to go. But girl, you are so lazy. You’re like the queen of laziness. We don’t really know the exact reason for this but whenever you’re in a situation that needs more organization and more attention to detail, you bail out. You try your d*mn hardest to not be part of anything that needs to have clean, smooth edges because you don’t enjoy it.

# 3 letters

Kat, Kim, Ina, Jay, Mae – these folks may only have three letters in their super short name but that does not mean they (or their moms) are lazy. In fact, it’s the opposite. You love to clean up after yourself and if only cleaning and organizing are careers, you are probably successful in those two. You’d probably be a millionaire already because girl, you’re the cleanest person in this world. Literally. And if you think something is wrong with you or that you have OCD, think again. It’s not that. You’re just a natural cleaner and you love it when life is as less messy and cluttered as an be. Work wise, you’re the same. You make sure everything you’re working on is flawless before you call them finished project. You keep your relationship with everyone as transparent as can be. And the best part, you eat take-out meals in plates.

# 14 letters, combined

For ladies with two names that equal to 14 letters, you are selective people. You’re not lazy but you’re okay when things are not 100% in their order too. You’re okay when it gets a little insane and when you can’t catch up with it. People with 14 letters combined in their names only select the things they pay close attention to. For some, it can be their career. These career-driven ladies tend to be super organized with their work and they ensure everything they do are close to perfect. They’re not hungry for success. Their goal is simply to do better than they did yesterday. Then there are others who select relationships. People who choose to keep their relationships less messy tend to be guarded. They don’t want to be involved with immature men and if this is you, well, now you know why it takes you forever to fall in love. You want to make sure he’s a good, highly understanding man.

# 13 letters, combined

Just one number down, our pal with a few names that sum up to 13 letters are incredibly amazing folks. You’re also not lazy but you’re not selective either. Instead, the 60% of being organized depends exactly on how life treats you. Yes, sounds less organized but really, it works well for you. When life treats you roughly a.k.a. when there’s a hell lot going on, you’re the messiest person there is. You don’t care about your apartment or your office place or even your own self. You barely take a bath (yes it gets to that point.) But when life is going smooth, so do you. You become more aware of your responsibilities and you exert more effort to make your life a lot better. Ladies with 13 letters in their multiple names find it easy to adjust to the craziness of life, and how messy you are depends on it. Sounds fair? Could be.

# 6 letters

Wrapping up, our pals with 6 letters in their names are incredibly amazing people. You’re not perfect but you’re like second to the cleanest. You are a responsible adult who finds it easy to deal with the complexity of life (and of your apartment) and you have no problems dealing with it. When you know there needs to be cleaning, you go clean it. When you know you need to change big things in life because it’s not doing you any good anymore, you go change it. You know the game of compromise and you play it well. Because of this, you don’t really have a messy life. Even when it comes to relationships, which are generally messy aspects of life, you have a handle on it. You know how to take control and you know when to stop, in case your relationship is just going nowhere.

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