Choose The One Who Feels Like Home

by Conscious Reminder

In the world where the looks and packaging are given more value than the substance, the relationships are also being evaluated and decided on based on that very same principle.  

We are taught how to look cooler or smarter. But at the same time we are told that no matter what we do, we’ll never be good enough.

Thus, it is very important to date a person who will not question your appearance or personality; a person who will let you as you are, someone who will not ask you to change.

Date a person who’ll make you feel confident about your own self.

We all have rough days. We all fell down sometimes. We all have moments when we just want to hug a person or just crawl back into the bed. So, date someone who will be there for you in tough moments. Date someone who will be available for you anytime you need them.

Date someone who lets you be yourself. There are moments when we are not able to cope up with the speed of the life and we thus want some moments for recharging ourselves. Date someone who will wait for you in the moments of silence.

Date someone who makes you feel you are not crazy. You love so many things that the society labels as crazy. Thus, date a person who will not judge you for your actions.

Date someone whom you can trust blindly. In this age of competition, everyone is looking for the next best thing. Driven by the market forces, people tend to maximize their utility, even in relationships!!

Date a person who will be present for you at all times. Date a person who knows that there is no one better than you.

Date someone who makes you feel like home. Date someone who gives you a sense of security, love and affection. Date someone who can make you feel better after a bad day.

Simply put; date someone who feels like home!!!

What kind of person you would like to date? Share your views and opinions on he topic with us.

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