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Developing A Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Most of the times when I look at a dog, I always wonder how cool it would be if they understood what I was saying!

Wouldn’t it be?

The world would be so much better and problems solving would be so much easier.

Now, get ready to be surprised.

Experts believe that dogs can actually communicate with people. ACTUALLY

According to animal communicators, the experts in this field or the psychics that work with animals; believe that telepathy exists between you and your pet. Raphaela Pope writes on her website that, “The dictionary defines telepathy as ‘communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another independent of recognized channels of sense… My experience is that telepathy is the universal language of the animal kingdom. I believe that humans are actually born with telepathic ability, but tend to suppress or forget it when they learn spoken language. Telepathic communication assumes that animals are sentient beings with their own purposes, desires, choices, and manner of looking at the world.”

And there are a lot of examples of this telecommunication that exists between dogs and human.

Do you want to establish a telepathic connection between you and your dog?

Well, if you want, it is pretty easy to do the same.

Step 1: Observe your dog. Look at the actions and the behavior of your dog and really try to get into his skin.

Step 2: Calm your mind. Try and focus completely on your dog

Step 3: If any thoughts about other things enter your mind, just try to ignore them and try to focus on your dog only. This is because animals communicate via images and motions and small visual stories. Thus, you will have to focus entirely on them or you will miss what they are saying.

Step 4: Lay down with your dog silently and imagine some activity that you have done with them. This is important because this will help you feel when the dog tries to talk to you.

Step 5: Try and send them also some images of what you are thinking. When you begin to receive their images or any different images than what you have been trying to send, the telepathic connection has been established.

You can also try this with a rescued or adopted dog. It will surely work out if you are honest to the act of telepathy.


To establish a telepathic connection between you and your dog isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is almost a sort of meditation and we all know mediation is hard. But don’t give up soon. Try and communicate with your dog as much as possible and as often as possible. The key to acing the process of telepathy is that you do it repeatedly and you do it honestly.

And once you end up establishing a telepathic connection between you and your dog, you know your life will change.

You really HAVE to try this because this is another way we can create a better and happier world. Surely and certainly!

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