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Buckle Up: Mercury Retrograde Combines With A Supermoon For A Huge Energy Shift On December 3rd

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon on 3rd December is going to bring about a lot of tumult in our emotional life. At the same time it is also going to be a very great opportunity for us to synthesize the energy shifts and further the growth of our spiritual self.

Other than the full moon, 3rd December would also bring planet Mercury making its last retrograde motion for the year, and hence the day and the phase, something to look out for.

The full moon itself is going to be exceptional. This is one of the few times that the moon looks quite larger than its actual size. To the naked eye the moon seems as much as 14% larger and this phenomenon has been named the Super moon.

How this full moon does impact our life?

This full moon will take place in Gemini, causing a lot of tumult within us all. The energy onslaught that is expected is supposed to be immense and so it is advised to be prepared accordingly. Meditating is one of the good ways you can make yourself ready for it as it helps cleanse and balance your energy in preparation to the event.

What does a Mercury in retrograde imply?

When it looks as if a planet is revolving backwards rather than forward to a person looking from earth, the term used is retrograde. This time this will last for at least a couple of weeks and thus the excess energy will not dissipate soon.

The duration for Mercury to be in retrograde is from the 14th day of November all through to the 22nd day of December. This will also link to all our lives getting a bit topsy-turvy as well as that is what is expected when a planet is in retrograde.

The time period would be challenging for all of us and expect that there will be a lot of problems and petty frustrations throughout. It would be very easy to be influenced by negative thoughts but you need to hold your ground.

In this moment of crisis, the better you will be able to keep your emotions in check, the easier would it be for you to survive this. Take extra care of your relationships as this is very fragile time.

The best advice is to keep your head low and let things take their course. Though you will feel a lot of energetic push and pull forced upon you, if you manage not to let it overpower you, you will be fine.

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