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The End Of Our World As We Know It

by consciousreminder
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by Deane Thomas
contributing author, Conscious Reminder

There is a big waft of fresh air in the atmosphere as we continue the arduous journey we committed to many moons ago. Energetically perhaps this is the end of our own world as we know it. 

When we look back and remember we can see the incredible life experience we have encountered. Each of us has a unique life path, eventually we all reach the same conclusion. We don’t want to go through the life lessons again.

The incredible thing about our awakening is that we now grasp much more of our life. We can see the patterns, the lessons and more important, how to change the outcome. We know where the illusions sit around us and what things we can do to transform our own micro-universe. Our bodies are going through similar changes also, and most importantly so is our psyche. Many have begun the art of self-mastery, and beginning to use their alchemical gifts in their lives.

As with any transformation the effects take time to filter into all aspects of our lives; we are not painting a room! Levels of awareness are increasing on a daily basis, with various senses of ‘not being here’. All these wonderful new sensations are signs of our new world…the Heaven on Earth we have been aiming for a long time! How does it feel? Knowing that everything is just fine and dandy in all that we do is a major accomplishment.

Years Of Programming Replaced!

In an ideal world we would like to have an instant fix and wake up one morning with everything in place. Hitting a reset button seems to be the solution most seek, but this deliberately bypasses the whole purpose of our journey. In some cases some remedy will be granted, only for the issues avoided returning at a future point. Our mind has been programmed by the best, but each of us has our own tools to overwrite the programs. As we process and resolve issues, overwrite with new outcomes.

Inner gifts begin to surface, our intuition takes on a new role – as a guide and leading light. We empower ourselves to be guided in this way, in complete faith in our own being. There are times when we become stuck knowing what to do, and this is a great thing to face. Literally we have to write the new life lesson, from our new perspective. Retraining our mind to permit spontaneity, to follow our feelings and senses, as well as listening to the heart centre.

These changes are not subtle, and it is confusing at first, but gradually it becomes the new way of being! Transitioning is a process, the more time or solitude we give to our own self, the more comfortable it becomes. For those who lead busy lifestyles, it can become very difficult to juggle everything. Balance is important at this time, so it is advisable to give as much self-love we can. Remain open to receiving many great new insights, as well as a whole new euphoria around living life.

Perfect Timing!

Watching the bigger picture unfolding is an incredible privilege to witness. We are all part of the transformation, as well as the wonders that are with us now. This is perfect timing for us all. We are part of the shift in consciousness that is alive and real. As we merge with higher consciousness and others on the same path, we truly step into our power, and life path. There does not seem to be a need to plan these days, just being the flow is the new way of living. We are flying by the seat of our pants in every way, but on a plush ancient magic carpet.

Enjoy the ride, and welcome in the new world.

About The Author: Deane has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates. He has a passion and in-depth understanding of past life memory, its interpretation and how to address this in current life. To understand who we are today, we need to get to grips of who we have been – through unraveling the truth within, we can create a new template for the way we live our lives – in truth!  He has organised full moon healing retreats at the Bosnian Pyramids for 2018, that include traditional healing sessions with a Shaman.


More details can be found at his website:

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