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The Three Aspects Of Humanness: Body, Mind And Soul

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by Conscious Reminder

Our humanness consists of three main aspects, namely Our Body, Our Mind and our immortal identity- Our Soul or Spirit. The mind acts as a link between the body and the soul and they both interact on each other.

In this whole world, there is nothing as important and essential as the spirit of man. It is the noblest phenomena. The spirit is the meeting between the man and the ultimate spirit; the collective focus of all human virtues; the animus of human life; the cause of illumination of this world.

It is clear and certain that there is a reality that is not a physical body. There are times when the body becomes weak, but the other reality remains in its own natural state. The body goes through sleep, becomes dead, but the reality is still conscious of itself, moving about, comprehending things and even expressing them.

This other Inner reality is called the heavenly body. This reality discovers the inner meaning of the things, as the outer body of the man is not able to discover anything on its own. The inner reality grasps the mysteries of our existence and looks for the scientific and empirical truth. If the outer body would have been able to do this own its own, other animals would also have been able to do these great scientific discoveries. It is this inner reality, which is missing in the animals; it is able to penetrate the realities and throws light at the mysteries.

The human reality stands at the center of humans, separating the higher and the lower in Man. When the animal instincts in the man take the front seat, he falls even lower than a brute. And when the heavenly powers drive him towards the light, he becomes the noblest and the most superior being.

We need this divine light as we, on our own are imperfect, filled with antagonism, selfishness, hatred. We want to struggle for our existence, jealousy lurks in our nature, revenge, cunningness, hypocrisy, greed and tyranny guides us.

But on the other hand, of all the creatures, it is in him only, we find justice, faithfulness, sincerity, knowledge, illumination, wisdom, mercy, pity, great intellect, compassion, the ability to understand the reality and to penetrate the hidden truth.

The human spirit that distinguishes man from the rest of the creatures is the rational soul. The human spirit is able to discover realities, recognize their intricate peculiarities and effects.

But unless the spirit is guided by a strong faith, it will never be able to be acquainted with the divine secrets and the heavenly realities. The spirit is like a mirror, which is beautiful, is clear, and is polished, but is worthless until there is any light. Until the spirit receives this divine light, it is unable to uncover the heavenly secrets.

The mind provides a way for that light to shine on the mirror that your spirit is. It is thus the piece of the puzzle which completes the whole union.

What do you think about the connection of Mind, Body and the soul?

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