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Gemini Season Starts May 21st: Knowledge & Creativity Unleashed

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by Conscious Reminder

It will soon be Gemini season on the 21st of May. This will last till the Solstice in June, right when our Sun embarks onto Cancer.

Our thoughts, our creativity, our ability of self-expression, and our minds are ruled over by Gemini. The power of Gemini compels us to note down our feelings and our thoughts to clarify us to our own selves.

It is when the Sun makes its entry into Gemini that time compels us to reconnect with our own selves. We must interact with the voice inside us and make the decision to back down or speak up!

This is a time which compels us to arrive at a decision. It is up to us to resolve if we will shut up and let things be. It is up to us if we will educate ourselves. It is up to us if we intend to develop a deeper understanding.

Gemini deeply concerns itself with figures, facts, feelings, and thoughts. It compels us to strive for the truth, it wants all the information right out there so as to derive a sound conclusion.

This fact-finding does have benefits, but too much fact-finding will lead to mental fog, indecisiveness, and anxiety.

We must remember the energy of Gemini is telling us to swim with the current and let everything happen in the due time. There is no need to force, rush, research or plot in order to make them happen.

Live in the present and do not let unnecessary thoughts cloud your judgment and cloud your mind.

Breathe and relax. Let the flow of life seep into your being and bring you peace.

The Sun is going to compel us to let our creativity soar due to the Gemini energy. So if you ever wanted to write that novel or even that journal, ‘tis the time!

The symbol of Gemini, contrary to popular belief, is not being two-faced, but to be able to view the world from the perspective of others.

It is almost the birthright of a Gemini to know everything. Their energy compels them to obtain information from everywhere possible. Their communication skills are on fleek and the right words come naturally to them.

This quality certainly has its values. It helps Geminis to delve into all perspective that makes them amazing storytellers.

If writing, journalism, or publishing is related to your career, or your career indeed. It suffices to say the Gemini energy in your life is strong!

One of the twins in the symbol is about listening, while the other one is the speaker. This is to signify the qualities needed to form a well-informed opinion to derive what is right and true.

All of us can benefit from attentive listening and trying to find the appropriate opportunities to stop, take a moment, then ask questions. Then turn back to take in new information and listen again.

This can be applied to difficult situations in life too. Do you need more information? Do I ask more questions? Do I sit back? Do I speak up?

The answer could be in any combination, all it depends on is your very own situation and mindset.

The Twins are also representative of the qualities of the heart as well as the brain.

It is the balance of the two that enables us to see what is truly presented in front of us.

It is about finding a balance in our minds in order to make the most out of anything. The flow and rhythm are what Gemini seasons are all about.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules our mental progressions, our thinking, our communication, and our minds. It also is the ruler of technology; hence, it isn’t unusual for techies to go wild during the Mercury retrograde.

But when the planet of Mercury is at its strongest, the sign it rules is also at their strongest. Use this strength in the ways you find right! Use this to enrich your existence and all those around you!

This is the season of open thought and communication. Don’t let anything hold you back.

What will you be doing this Gemini season?

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