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Do What You Love With No Excuses

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1. Once there was this random situation where I was sitting in a café bar…

…and two men that I didn’t know run into each other. One of them was pretty young, and the other one was an elder. The elder one immediately asked him how he was and what it is that he is doing. His reply was that he was feeling tired. That was the moment when the elder one told him how can he be so young and yet feel always tired. And it hit me because he was so right.

That was actually the moment and the day that motivated me into thinking “ do what you love.” Even more, it made me think how I need to enjoy life. Fill it with new experiences and adventures no matter if I am feeling tired or not.

Everyone may find it strange how can some comment of a stranger get me into so much thinking about what I am doing.

2. It got stuck in my head although he was not speaking directly to me.

Of course, to do what you love in this technology based era can be hard and has an obscured way of living truly. It is so obvious that we live in a time that “Netflix and chill” make the society content because we always feel tired and find that relaxing. And no matter how much we all enjoy science fiction movies we are actually missing the real world and let the time slip by.

Because of the social media, we forgot how to make real experiences and interactions with real people. What good can do a cup of coffee with a friend when you can chat on social media?

To get over this situation, one must write down the things that make you happy and just do what you love. When done, one must ask himself how much of the things you are actually doing. How often? And of course, one’s answer would be that he has so many responsibilities and obligations and no time or almost always feels tired to do what he enjoys.

3. Would you rather wake up in your elderly years and realize your time has passed and missed out doing things that made you happy?

No, no one would.

This is the main reason why we must take some actions and start doing even the smallest things we enjoy. You have to do what you love. And if you love something, you will always find time for it no matter how tired you are. At the end all you will get from it is happiness.

We all have the days and times where everything seems to be going wrong, and you feel powerless. In such times you need to remember the important things in life. And instead of always complaining, start being thankful for the opportunities you have. It will get you up and motivated in seconds.

Imagine if you just spent that time not with dwelling about being so tired and worried about everything, but with being happy. You should go now and try to make the best out of every situation because after all, being happy is the ultimate goal in life.

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