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This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship With An Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

An empath’s world is tuned to a higher frequency.

Their behavior is ambivalent. They go from being happy to joyous then from sad to grieving. They are highly sensitive and experience a sensory overload when they are exposed to situations.

People who fall in love with them discover a spectrum of emotions. They feel things that they’ve never felt before. Being in a romantic relationship with an empath is an experience of a lifetime; they teach you a lot both about yourself and the world.

Being in a relationship with an empath is very different from being in a relationship with just any other person.

Here are some pointers of what it is like:

Empaths need undivided attention

Empaths are very open about their emotions and feelings. You never have to second guess them. They give themselves away instantly at one look or a direct question. Which is why, you have to pay extra attention to their emotions. Negligence to pay attention on your part makes them feel alone and isolated. They hold an innate desire to be coddled and emotionally spoiled. They cannot hide their emotions easily, and they do not expect you to hide yours either.

Empaths sense insincerity easily

Empaths are very good at perceiving others emotions. They know instantly if you’re feeling down or mentally unwell in any manner.

They will not hesitate to give you moral support. But, they also know instantly if you’re being dishonest or insincere. They have high expectations from partners because they want their honesty reciprocated.

They rely on intuition heavily

They judge character intuitively. If they get good vibes from you, then trust you unconditionally. On the other hand, if they sense something wrong or ‘off’ about you, they will simply walk away. If their intuition says that you are not the right one for them, they will not hesitate to call it off.

They get very affected by heartbreaks

Empaths undergo a lot of pain in their lives, not just their own, but other’s too. So, a break up with either a partner or a friend affects them tremendously. They break very easily because of this, but this does not mean that they can be manipulated.

They contain insurmountable tenacity and they rise from these phases stronger than before.

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